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Robot & Manipulator

  • Arduino Robot Manipulator

    is an open source robot arm based on Robot Arm Robot Claw For Arduino Kit with 4-axis high precision, high repeated positioning accuracy, stepping motor. Dobot can draw, write, move and grasp things, and can also print articles and food in 3D. Its positioning accuracy can reach 0.2mm. "The accuracy is the same as that of ABB's irb580 series robots. Dobot is as easy to use as possible and has designed up to seven different control modes for it, including PC mouse, mobile app and EEG Control, voice control, gesture sensor, somatosensory control, visual recognition, etc. In addition, it has fashionable appearance, small volume, smooth and quiet operation, and is very suitable for personal use.Arduino-based Robotic Manipulator,Robotic Arm with Arduino,Arduino-based robot arm manipulator

    What is a mechanical arm?robotic manipulation?Mobile manipulators robots?

    Manipulator is the most widely used automatic mechanical device in the field of robot technology. It can be seen in the fields of industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, entertainment services, military, semiconductor manufacturing and space exploration. Although their shapes are different, they all have a common feature, that is, they can accept instructions and accurately locate a point in three-dimensional (or two-dimensional) space for operation.robotic manipulator.

    Type of manipulator;

    Mechanical arm

    According to different structural forms, the manipulator is divided into multi joint manipulator, rectangular coordinate manipulator, spherical coordinate manipulator, polar coordinate manipulator, cylindrical coordinate manipulator, etc. Figure 1 shows a common six degree of freedom manipulator. It consists of six degrees of freedom: X movement, y movement, Z movement, X rotation, y rotation and Z rotation.

    Structural form of manipulator

    Horizontal multi joint manipulator generally has three main degrees of freedom, Z1 rotation, Z2 rotation and Z movement. By adding x rotation to the execution terminal, y rotation can reach any coordinate point in space.

    The manipulator in rectangular coordinate system has three principal degrees of freedom. It is composed of X movement, y movement and Z movement. By adding x rotation, y rotation and Z rotation to the execution terminal, it can reach any coordinate point in space. For industrial applications, sometimes the manipulator is not required to have a complete six degrees of freedom, but only one or several degrees of freedom. The rectangular coordinate system manipulator can be composed of a single axis manipulator. As a component, single axis manipulator is widely used in industry. Single axis manipulator. The modularization of single axis manipulator greatly reduces the cost of industrial design. Because professional manufacturers have the advantages of good quality assurance and mass production, using components has more advantages than designing manipulator by themselves. Common orthogonal manipulator combinations include cantilever type, gantry type, vertical type, horizontal type and so on. For semiconductor manufacturing applications, the commonly used manipulator is used to transport wafers.

    The brain controls the arm

    The robot arm is completely controlled by the user's mind and is smart enough to pick up a glass and drink a drink without the help of others. The creator of the robot arm is a research team, and its members come from institutions such as the California Institute of technology. Among them, the neural chip is implanted into sorto's posterior parietal cortex (PPC).

    The robot arm control chip implantation position is different from that of other paralyzed users before. Generally, this control chip implantation position is the brain region that controls the muscles, while the PPC is the region that controls our action intention, moves, and makes the robot arm controlled by Erik sorto move more smoothly and naturally. What Erik sorto has to do is think about what he intends to do, and through a lot of practice, he can make the manipulator carry out the task he is considering.

    Rubber robot arm

    Scientists have developed rubber robotic arms that can grab ants instead of crushing them to death. The robot arm is still in the research and development stage. Scientists immerse the wire in liquid silicone rubber and pull out the wire after solidification to get a 5-8mm long tentacle with thin hair. The interior of the tentacle is divided into many small grids, which can make various actions through the flow of compressed air, and can hold the waist of ants without harm.

    Scientists believe that this kind of tentacle will be of great use in the future. Of course, it is not to catch ants, but to perform precise heart and embryonic vascular surgery.


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