Concept of buzzer audio frequency and sound pressure
  • There are various parameters of the magnetic sounder , some of which are parameters in the Piezzo Buzzer circuit, such as voltage, current, etc. In addition to these, as a sounding device, the sound emitted by the buzzer also has certain parameters. Next, we will briefly introduce the concepts of audio frequency and sound pressure of the piezo sounder . The audio frequency of the buzzer refers to the sound wave frequency of the sound emitted by the buzzer, which refers to the number of continuous cycles contained in each second. The measurement unit of frequency is Hertz (Hz). The frequency range of human ear hearing is about 20-20KHz. Infrasound waves below 20Hz and ultrasonic waves above 20KHz. The resonant frequency of the product commonly used by the buzzer is 2-4khz. The resonant frequency of the Piezo Audio Indicator refers to the frequency point with the largest recommended use and good sound pressure consistency. The higher the frequency of the Audio Devices, the higher the sound tone of the corresponding product. The lower the sound frequency, the lower the tone. The sound pressure of the electro-magnetic buzzer is the rated working signal at both ends of the buzzer, and the DBA value is measured at the distance of 10cm with the sound pressure level. Decibel (DB) is the unit of sound pressure. The greater the number of decibels, the greater the sound emitted. From the above introduction, we can know that the audio frequency and sound pressure of the self drive piezo buzzer determine the human feeling after the sound of the buzzer is received by the human ear, that is, whether the sound we feel is large or not, and whether the sound is sharp or not. In this way, you will understand these two concepts.


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