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Custom buzzer speaker & electronic components Service The best custom electronic components manufacturers featuring a streamlined supply chain takes your ideas from conception to Electronic product realization.

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Self-Owned buzzer speaker & electronic components Factory Our custom buzzer speaker & electronic components options are developed in our modern automatic assembly line plant which helps us reduce cost and increase delivery of quality finished products.

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Free buzzer speaker & electronic components Sample We offer free buzzer speaker & electronic components to help you affhrm your decision to invest in our quality electronic components options and make the purchase for a large quantity.

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Innovative design, research, development, and production of micro electronic components,FBELE provide Integrated micro component solutions,Vertically-integrated supply chain Strict and scientific quality management system
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Famous Brand "FBelec",20'year one stop solution for electronic components,become Specialist in Electronics. Improve the quality of life with technology and innovation!!Quality, Innovate, Advance, Value!

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FBelec has a highly experienced and innovative technical R&D team, with a number of senior engineers and more than 50 professional technicians, so the new product can be customized made according to the requirements, FBelec can also help customer

Product & Service diversification

Product and Service horizontal diversification means we can help customer to source,purchase, quality control, shipment,it can save cost for the clients, Product and Service Vertical diversification means we can help to design, mold-making, prototype.

Let's work together to anticipate and meet your customers' expectations.

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How to distinguish between good reed switch from bad ones

FBelec offers a wide range of magnetically operated sensors, reed switches and reed relays. All of these are fully proven designs manufactured to our high standards. With a long history of leading the industry in providing magnetic sensing solutions, our experts are committed to providing the best products and solutions for your specific needs.

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What are the electrical tools available?

FBelec tool manufacturer, a long-standing tool manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, is a brand electrician tool combination set+customized foreign trade export tools, with complete qualifications and its own large warehouse. It can be connected for video viewing, brand tools, and tool box manufacturers come here for the electrician tool combination set

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What are the purposes of the rotary switch?

Rotary switch is a kind of switch that controls the on-off of the main contact point by rotating the handle. There are also two structural forms of rotary switch, namely unipolar unit structure and multipole multi bit structure. Unipolar unit rotary switch is often used together with rotary shaft potentiometer in application, while multipole multi position rotary switch is mostly used for switching lines in working state.

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What Is Momentary Push Button Switch?

FBelec Push-Button Switch has excellent quality and low price. Simply put, the automatic reset button switch is a type of switch that can automatically reset. The reset switch can be cylindrical, square, etc.

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What is Power Supply Adapter

AC / DC adapter AC adapter (AC adapter) (Japanese AC アダプター) (AC / DC converter), AC means alternating current, and AC adapter is AC power supply. Many electrical appliances use AC adapters. The name of AC Adaper is only used in commercial products. In fact, it is an AC power supply. In the industrial field, we call it switching power supply, but there is a little difference in appearance.

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What is rocker switch?

Boat type switch is also called rocker switch. The structure is the same as that of the button switch, except that the button handle is changed into a ship type. Ship type switches are often used as power switches of electronic equipment. Their contacts are divided into SPDT and DPDT, and some switches are also equipped with indicator lights.

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What is a heat shrinkable tube?

Full range of heat shrink tube manufacturer in China. FBelec is mainly engaged in heat shrinkable casing, FEP heat shrinkable casing, FEP casing, PFA heat shrinkable casing, PFA casing, silicone casing, etc Professional insulating sleeve manufacturer, complete specifications, customizable, welcome to inquire

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What is a stepper motor?

FBelec specializes in the production of two-phase DC stepper motors and three-phase stepper motors, with sizes ranging from 20mm to 130mm, and complete models of stepper motors. FBelec motor has large torque, accurate positioning and excellent performance, Request Our Latest Price

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The installation of industrial equipment wiring harnesses is a very important process

When installing wiring harnesses, certain requirements and standards must be followed to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment. Below, we will provide a detailed introduction to the requirements and standards for the installation of industrial equipment wiring harnesses.

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What is a Wire Harness?

The harness provides the overall of service equipment for a certain load source group, such as trunk line, switching device, control system, etc. The basic research content of traffic theory is to study the relationship among traffic, call loss and harness capacity.

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What is an HDMI Connector?

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a digital signal transmission standard that can simultaneously transmit audio and video signals. HDMI connector is a cable that transmits audio and video signals from one device to another through a high-speed digital signal transmission interface.

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USB Connectors

Universal serial bus (USB) is a new data communication mode that gradually replaces other interface standards. It was jointly formulated by computer companies and communication companies such as Intel, Compaq, digital, IBM, Microsoft, NEC and Northern Telecom in 1995, and gradually formed an industry standard. As a high-speed serial bus, USB bus can meet the application environment requirements of high-speed data transmission with its extremely high transmission speed

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What is Automotive Relays?

Relay is an automatic control device whose output will jump when the input (electricity, magnetism, sound, light and heat) reaches a certain value. Automobile relay is used in automobile. This kind of relay has high switching load power, high impact and vibration resistance. The power supply in the automobile is mostly 12V, and the coil voltage is mostly designed as 12V.

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What makes the world's best LED strip lights?

Creating the world’s highest quality LED strip light was not easy. It began with a passion and desire to build a truly “set and forget” lighting solution. Component quality, phosphor selection, heat dissipation, color rendering, brightness, longevity, and run length are all components to consider when building an LED tape light.

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Switching Power Supply

The high frequency of LED switching power supply is its development direction. The high frequency makes the switching power supply miniaturized and makes the switching power supply enter a wider application field, especially in the field of high and new technology, which promotes the miniaturization and portability of high and new technology products. In addition, the development and application of switching power supply is of great significance in energy conservation, resource conservation and environmental protection. The electronic devices used in LED switching power supply are mainly LED diode, IGBT and MOSFET. SCR has a few applications in switching power supply input rectifier circuit and soft start circuit. GTR is difficult to drive and the switching frequency is low. It is gradually replaced by IGBT and MOSFET.

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What is DC power supply

The DC power supply has positive and negative electrodes. The potential of the positive electrode is high and the potential of the negative electrode is low. When the two electrodes are connected with the circuit, a constant potential difference can be maintained between the two ends of the circuit, so as to form a current from the positive electrode to the negative electrode in the external circuit. DC regulated power supply is an energy conversion device, which converts other forms of energy into electric energy supply circuit to maintain the steady flow of DC power supply.

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