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Custom buzzer speaker & electronic components Service The best custom electronic components manufacturers featuring a streamlined supply chain takes your ideas from conception to Electronic product realization.

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Self-Owned buzzer speaker & electronic components Factory Our custom buzzer speaker & electronic components options are developed in our modern automatic assembly line plant which helps us reduce cost and increase delivery of quality finished products.

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Free buzzer speaker & electronic components Sample We offer free buzzer speaker & electronic components to help you affhrm your decision to invest in our quality electronic components options and make the purchase for a large quantity.

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FBelec has a highly experienced and innovative technical R&D team, with a number of senior engineers and more than 50 professional technicians, so the new product can be customized made according to the requirements, FBelec can also help customer

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Product and Service horizontal diversification means we can help customer to source,purchase, quality control, shipment,it can save cost for the clients, Product and Service Vertical diversification means we can help to design, mold-making, prototype.

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Micro Switch

Micro Switches: An Overview In today's world of rapidly advancing technology, micro switches have become a crucial component of many electronic devices. These small switches are often used to detect changes in the physical state of a device and trigger a specific action or response. In this blog, we will discuss micro switches, their functions, and the different types of micro switches available in the market.

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The Sound Button: A Fun and Practical Solution for Your Business

FBelec sound buttons are a fun and practical solution for businesses of all sizes. They can be used to improve customer service, enhance promotional displays, and add some fun to the workplace. So why not bring some excitement to your business and invest in a sound button today!

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Concept of buzzer audio frequency and sound pressure - FBelec buzzer

FBelec magnetic sounder has several parameters, some of which are also parameters in the Piezo Buzzer circuit, such as voltage, current, and so on. In addition to these, FBelec buzzer 's sound has certain parameters as a sounding device. FBelec concepts of audio frequency and sound pressure of the piezo sounder will then be introduced briefly.

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What Is the Difference Between Piezo and Magnetic Buzzers

piezo vs magnetic buzzer, Buzzers are classified into two types: piezo buzzers and magnetic buzzers. If you're building a buzzer circuit, you'll want to understand the differences between these two configurations. You should understand how each buzzer works and how to choose the best one for your needs.

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How to distinguish magnetic buzzer and piezo buzzer?

Buzzer is a common sounding component, which is widely used in various electronic products for alarms or reminders. Buzzers are used in washing machines, microwave ovens, mixers, alarm clocks, remote control cars, calculators, etc. at home. There are two types of buzzers: piezo buzzer and magnetic buzzer.

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Complete Knowledge of Micro Switch

Micro switch is a kind of switch with micro contact interval and quick action mechanism, which uses specified stroke and specified force to switch. It is covered with a shell and has a drive rod outside.

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Type and application of RJ45 connector

RJ45 connectors often appear in our lives. The network cables, routers and switches used by our computers for network connection are all connected through RJ45 connectors for communication. How many types of RJ45 interfaces do you know? So how much do you know about the types of RJ45 interfaces? Today, FBelec will introduce you to the types of RJ45 interfaces, so that you can have a deeper understanding of RJ45 connectors. Most RJ connectors are RJ45 connectors for Ethernet connection. 8P8C can connect 4 pairs of twisted pairs, 12mm wide, which is wider than RJ11 series. RJ45 connector is sometimes used for telephone or RS232 connection, and also used to transmit VGA video signal.

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Function and testing method of piezoelectric Ceramic

Piezoelectric ceramic is a kind of electroacoustic device with simple structure and light weight. It has been widely used because of its high sensitivity, no magnetic field dispersion and overflow, no copper wire and magnet, low cost, less power consumption, convenient repair, convenient mass production and other advantages.

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Principle of PIR Sensor

PIR sensor is a kind of sensor that uses infrared ray to process data. It has the advantage of high sensitivity. The PIR sensor can control the operation of the drive device. PIR sensors are commonly used in non-contact temperature measurement, gas composition analysis and nondestructive testing, and are widely used in medicine, military, space technology and environmental engineering. For example, the PIR sensor is used to remotely measure the thermal image of the human body surface temperature, and the abnormal temperature can be found.

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What is the difference between glass tube fuse and ceramic tube fuse?

The fuse tube is an electrical element that ensures the safe operation of the circuit and is one of the fuses. The glass tube fuse can effectively prevent the molten metal from splashing on other devices, and also insulate the high temperature. The common glass tube fuse is often used in electronic circuit boards with dense components. It can also be installed in the wire, plug or special fuse seat because it is convenient for quick replacement and maintenance; The closed safety tube can also be used for equipment in explosion-proof places.

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What is a Buzzer : Working & Its Applications

There are many ways to communicate between the user and a product. One of the best ways is audio communication using a buzzer IC. So during the design process, understanding some technologies with configurations is very helpful. So, this article discusses an overview of an audio signaling device like a beeper or a buzzer and its working with applications.

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FBelec Spring Festival Holiday Arrangement

Time flies. 2023 Chinese New Year is coming soon. Thank you very much for your support to FBelec in the past year,FBELE Spring Festival holiday arrangement in 2023 is as follows:

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The Function and Principle of Oral Irrigator

In recent years, oral irrigators have become increasingly popular in China, which shows that people are paying more and more attention to their oral health. Today, FBelec summarizes some knowledge about dental irrigators What is the function of oral irrigator?

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The Common Usage Problems of Micro Switch

I believe many people have encountered common problems about the use of micro switches. Many people do not know what to do or how to deal with them. They do not know much about the basic knowledge of micro switches. Let's first explain the common problems about the use of micro switches and let's get to know them together.

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Development of new energy charging industry

Under the background of global resource conservation and green economy development, new energy vehicles are developing rapidly. As the power guarantee of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations, charging piles are highly concerned by the government and the industry. With the gradual maturity of the entire new energy vehicle industry chain and the gradual release of market demand, in 2021, the structural supply of charging infrastructure to cities will be significantly improved in the design of supporting facilities for new energy products in the industry. However, in order to truly achieve a green economy, the construction of supporting infrastructure such as charging piles should cover rural areas.

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The Principles, skills and precautions of massage guns

Fascia Gun & Massage is also called vibration massage gun or fascia gun. In recent years, with the rise of fitness trend and the rise of health care awareness, coupled with the fact that modern people often suffer from back pain, muscle soreness after exercise, or stiff shoulders and neck caused by sitting for a long time using a computer, it has led to the development of muscle massage guns. Popularity.

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