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Custom buzzer speaker & electronic components Service The best custom electronic components manufacturers featuring a streamlined supply chain takes your ideas from conception to Electronic product realization.

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Self-Owned buzzer speaker & electronic components Factory Our custom buzzer speaker & electronic components options are developed in our modern automatic assembly line plant which helps us reduce cost and increase delivery of quality finished products.

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Free buzzer speaker & electronic components Sample We offer free buzzer speaker & electronic components to help you affhrm your decision to invest in our quality electronic components options and make the purchase for a large quantity.

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Famous Brand "FBelec",20'year one stop solution for electronic components,become Specialist in Electronics. Improve the quality of life with technology and innovation!!Quality, Innovate, Advance, Value!

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FBelec has a highly experienced and innovative technical R&D team, with a number of senior engineers and more than 50 professional technicians, so the new product can be customized made according to the requirements, FBelec can also help customer

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Product and Service horizontal diversification means we can help customer to source,purchase, quality control, shipment,it can save cost for the clients, Product and Service Vertical diversification means we can help to design, mold-making, prototype.

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Common uses of ultrasonic sensors

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Difference between Mylar speaker and active buzzer and passive buzzer

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Brain computer interface will come true, Musk is allowed to insert chips into the human brain

Recently, the news that technology giant Elon Musk has been approved to insert chips into the human brain has attracted widespread attention. This technology, known as brain computer interface, can connect computers and human brains to achieve a new way of human-computer interaction. The research and development of brain computer interfaces is expected to change our lives, bringing enormous potential and opportunities to the fields of medicine, technology, and economics.

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Dip switches: Make your electronic equipment more intelligent

With the rapid development of science and technology, modern electronic equipment is becoming more and more intelligent. The degree of intelligent of electronic equipment has become an important criterion for measuring the quality of products. To become more intelligent, Dip switches is indispensable.

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You Should Be Aware of These 10 Common DC Motor Failures!

DC motors are among the most versatile tools available for a wide range of applications. However, DC motor failure is similar to that of other electric motors. There are a few common DC motor failures that you should be aware of, whether they are caused by motor windings or other factors.

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What are coreless motors?

FBelec manufacturer supplies high power coreless motors, coreless dc motors, small coreless motor, coreless brushless motor and motor coreless also known as hollow cup rotor. Contact our sales team today for FREE quote! Are you sure you know about coreless motors and their advantages? If the answer is "not much" or "just a little", then this article is for you. Let's start with a definition: a coreless motor is a brushless or brushed motor with a coil wound on itself and not on iron. For this reason, it is also called ironless.

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Advantages and disadvantages of magnetic buzzers

Electromagnetic buzzers have warning and prompt functions in electrical use, which are not different from other piezoelectric buzzers. However, due to their small size, low unit price, low energy consumption, long service life, and high pronunciation, they are widely used in UPS air conditioners, computers, and various electronic appliances.

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Complete Knowledge of Piezo Electric Elements

FBelec specializes in research, development, and production of Piezo ceramic element. It has an efficient production team and professional production equipment, with complete models, reliable quality, stable supply, and best-selling products at home and abroad. FBelec looks forward to your consultation. Today, let's talk about the buzzer. The buzzer is made of silver metal, as shown in the figure below. Some of them do not have welding cables, and mainly rely on two vibrating plates to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy when powered on, thereby making a sound.

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Micro Switch

Micro Switches: An Overview In today's world of rapidly advancing technology, micro switches have become a crucial component of many electronic devices. These small switches are often used to detect changes in the physical state of a device and trigger a specific action or response. In this blog, we will discuss micro switches, their functions, and the different types of micro switches available in the market.

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The Sound Button: A Fun and Practical Solution for Your Business

FBelec sound buttons are a fun and practical solution for businesses of all sizes. They can be used to improve customer service, enhance promotional displays, and add some fun to the workplace. So why not bring some excitement to your business and invest in a sound button today!

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Concept of buzzer audio frequency and sound pressure - FBelec buzzer

FBelec magnetic sounder has several parameters, some of which are also parameters in the Piezo Buzzer circuit, such as voltage, current, and so on. In addition to these, FBelec buzzer 's sound has certain parameters as a sounding device. FBelec concepts of audio frequency and sound pressure of the piezo sounder will then be introduced briefly.

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What Is the Difference Between Piezo and Magnetic Buzzers

piezo vs magnetic buzzer, Buzzers are classified into two types: piezo buzzers and magnetic buzzers. If you're building a buzzer circuit, you'll want to understand the differences between these two configurations. You should understand how each buzzer works and how to choose the best one for your needs.

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How to distinguish magnetic buzzer and piezo buzzer?

Buzzer is a common sounding component, which is widely used in various electronic products for alarms or reminders. Buzzers are used in washing machines, microwave ovens, mixers, alarm clocks, remote control cars, calculators, etc. at home. There are two types of buzzers: piezo buzzer and magnetic buzzer.

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Complete Knowledge of Micro Switch

Micro switch is a kind of switch with micro contact interval and quick action mechanism, which uses specified stroke and specified force to switch. It is covered with a shell and has a drive rod outside.

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Type and application of RJ45 connector

RJ45 connectors often appear in our lives. The network cables, routers and switches used by our computers for network connection are all connected through RJ45 connectors for communication. How many types of RJ45 interfaces do you know? So how much do you know about the types of RJ45 interfaces? Today, FBelec will introduce you to the types of RJ45 interfaces, so that you can have a deeper understanding of RJ45 connectors. Most RJ connectors are RJ45 connectors for Ethernet connection. 8P8C can connect 4 pairs of twisted pairs, 12mm wide, which is wider than RJ11 series. RJ45 connector is sometimes used for telephone or RS232 connection, and also used to transmit VGA video signal.

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Function and testing method of piezoelectric Ceramic

Piezoelectric ceramic is a kind of electroacoustic device with simple structure and light weight. It has been widely used because of its high sensitivity, no magnetic field dispersion and overflow, no copper wire and magnet, low cost, less power consumption, convenient repair, convenient mass production and other advantages.

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