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Custom buzzer speaker & electronic components Service The best custom electronic components manufacturers featuring a streamlined supply chain takes your ideas from conception to Electronic product realization.

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Self-Owned buzzer speaker & electronic components Factory Our custom buzzer speaker & electronic components options are developed in our modern automatic assembly line plant which helps us reduce cost and increase delivery of quality finished products.

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Free buzzer speaker & electronic components Sample We offer free buzzer speaker & electronic components to help you affhrm your decision to invest in our quality electronic components options and make the purchase for a large quantity.

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FBelec has a highly experienced and innovative technical R&D team, with a number of senior engineers and more than 50 professional technicians, so the new product can be customized made according to the requirements, FBelec can also help customer

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Product and Service horizontal diversification means we can help customer to source,purchase, quality control, shipment,it can save cost for the clients, Product and Service Vertical diversification means we can help to design, mold-making, prototype.

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Instructions for use LED Module

The main light sources that use luminous characters are LED light source modules with a conventional input voltage of DC12V, which are commonly used for three, five, and six lights. They require a constant voltage switching power supply to output DC12V For power supply, it is important to note that if a switch power supply is not installed when installing the LED light source, do not directly connect the LED light source module or the LED light source to the AC 220V power supply, otherwise it may burn out the LED light source due to high voltage.

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Smart lock and Smart door locks

Intelligent door lock is a lock which is improved on the basis of traditional mechanical lock and is more intelligent and simple in user safety, identification and management. Intelligent door lock is the executive part of door locking in access control system.

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Wireless Temperature Sensor Applications

Wireless temperature sensors, with their unique advantages and wide application scenarios, are gradually becoming an indispensable part of modern life. These sensors have the characteristics of miniaturization, digitization, and intelligence. Through wireless data transmission technologies such as WIFI , 433, Zigbee , etc., remote data collection and monitoring are achieved. Compared to traditional wired sensors, wireless temperature sensors have advantages such as easy installation, high flexibility, and low maintenance costs, and are widely used in multiple fields. twelve

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What is Ultrasonic distance sensor?

Ultrasonic distance sensor converts ultrasonic signal into other energy signals (usually electrical signal). Ultrasonic is a mechanical wave with a vibration frequency higher than 20kHz. It has the characteristics of high frequency, short wavelength and small diffraction, especially good directivity. It can become a ray and propagate directionally. Ultrasonic has great penetration ability to liquids and solids, especially in solids with opaque sunlight. When ultrasonic touches impurities or interfaces, it will produce significant interference The reflected echo is formed by reflection, and Doppler effect can be produced when touching a moving object. Ultrasonic sensors are widely used in industry, national defense, biomedicine and so on.

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What is a level sensor?

Liquid level sensor (static pressure liquid level gauge / liquid level transmitter / liquid level sensor / water level sensor) is a pressure sensor for measuring liquid level. Static pressure input liquid level transmitter (liquid level gauge) is based on the principle that the measured liquid static pressure is proportional to the height of the liquid, and adopts foreign advanced isolated diffused silicon sensing element or ceramic capacitor pressure sensing sensor to convert the static pressure into electrical signal, and then into standard electrical signal (generally 4 ~ 20mA / 1 ~ 5VDC) after temperature compensation and linear correction.

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What is an ultrasonic mosquito repellent

Ultrasonic mosquito repellent is a machine that mimics the natural enemies of mosquitoes, such as dragonflies or male mosquitoes, to achieve the effect of repelling female mosquitoes that bite people. Completely harmless to humans and animals, with no chemical residues, it is an environmentally friendly mosquito repellent product

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What is the difference between magnetic lock and electric plug lock for access control

The main differences between magnetic locks and electric locks for access control include different structures and working principles. The specific differences are as follows

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Detailed introduction to the exit buttons (buttons, switches) of the access control system

FBelec manufacture Touch Sensor Door Exit Release Button Switch LED Light,Touch Sensor Pannel for for Access Control System, Entrance and Exit Switch. They are for indoor and outdoor. Many are UL, cUL and ADA. CE, VDE, GS. Exit Push Buttons | FBelec - Access Control Solutions, Over 25 years experience, Provide customize service. Inquire today, and discover the FBelec difference. FBelec is a famous manufacturer in China. It can provide a full range of button products with good quality and low price.

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What is New Energy Vehicle Charge Accessory?

FBelec New energy charging gun focuses on the production of various new energy vehicle connectors Standard machine. We provide efficient, fast and low-cost product solutions for harness new energy charging guns such as oil pressure switches, which have been highly praised by customers from all walks of life. We have advanced laboratory and strong R & D capability, strictly controls the new energy charging gun in terms of products, and wholeheartedly provides customers from all walks of life with efficient, fast and low-cost product solutions. Request Our Latest Price.

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What is the principle of a dynamic receiver?

The working principle of a dynamic coil receiver is to convert electrical energy into sound energy through two transformations: electricity, force, and sound. The sound emitted by its diaphragm is not directly coupled with the air, but radiated through the damping of the front and rear sound outlets. The sound emitted by the diaphragm is only heard by our human ears after passing through the acoustic components (sound chamber and sound outlet). At this point, the vibration of the system is mainly controlled by sound resistance. The larger the sound resistance, the wider the frequency range of sound resistance control. Therefore, we refer to the receiver as a damping control element

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What is the difference between voice chips and sound modules

The application of voice chips and voice modules is in electronic products, so many people feel that there is no difference between the two. In fact, the so-called modules are logically divided, and when implementing a set of certain functions, they are modules, while the voice chipset is more than one chip.

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How to choose a Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speakers have become an essential music companion in daily life. According to the usage scenario and pronunciation unit, there are various types of Bluetooth speakers. When choosing, it is necessary to consider sound quality, Bluetooth version, battery life, and other features. Pay attention to the environment, battery level, on/off sequence, volume control, and signal interference when using. In short, choose the Bluetooth speaker that suits you and enjoy the fun of music.

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What is a high fidelity headphones and headset

FBelec headphones, earbuds & headsets, wireless headphones are the symbol of people's portable sound. There are two standards for mobile phone earphones: omtp standard is usually called national standard and CTIA is called international standard. Bluetooth headphones are classified according to their energy exchange modes, mainly including moving coil mode, moving iron mode, electrostatic type and equal magnetic type.

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Magnetic Transducer for the acoustic components

The magnetic flux from a magnet produces a bias magnetic field at the tip of the iron core, drawing a diaphragm toward itself by a suitable force. If electric signals (for example, rectangular shaped voltage with a frequency of 3.2 KHz and 1.5 Vo-p) coming intermittently at a fixed frequency from an external oscillating circuit are input, an electric current will intermittently flow through the coil, generating an intermittent magnetic field at the tip of the iron core.

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Applications of Piezoelectric Transducers

A piezoelectric transducer is a device that can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, and can also convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Through this conversion method, piezoelectric transducers have a wide range of applications in many fields.

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RJ45 Connectors for Ethernet Networking

The RJ45 connector is a small but powerful device at the core of Ethernet networking, which has become an essential part of our lives – from streaming movies to video conferencing. It's what enables us to access the digital world.

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