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Picture Model No. Speaker specifications Product size Weight Bluetooth version Description Datasheet Order
138x45x69mm hifi sound quality alarm sound box


50mm 4Ω/3W 138*45*69mm 209g 5.0

138x45x69mm hifi sound quality alarm sound box

62x62x65mm wireless outdoor Bluetooth speaker


40mm 4Ω/3W 62*62*65mm 130g 5.0+EDR

62x62x65mm wireless outdoor Bluetooth speaker

85x48mm waterproof wireless bluetooth speaker


40mm 4Ω/3W 85*48mm 117g 5.0

85x48mm waterproof wireless bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker

  • What is Bluetooth Speaker?

    Bluetooth speaker refers to the built-in Bluetooth chip, which replaces the traditional wire connected audio equipment with Bluetooth connection, and achieves the purpose of convenience and quickness by connecting with Bluetooth playback devices such as mobile phones, tablets and notebooks.

    Bluetooth speakers are mainly portable speakers, which are generally small and portable in shape. Bluetooth speaker technology has gradually been valued and accepted by consumers because of its convenience. Most common Bluetooth speakers in the market are mono speakers (single speaker unit), and some multi-channel speakers with excellent sound quality (two or more speaker units) have emerged

    How do I choose a Bluetooth wireless speaker?

    1. Bluetooth version:

    Improved technology of Bluetooth versions

    Although the latest Bluetooth version has the feature of downward compatibility, no matter which version of Bluetooth is almost 100% compatible, it does not mean that the Bluetooth version model is not important. So far, there are six versions of Bluetooth technology, including v1.0 1. 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, and higher versions are downward compatible, where v1.0 1. Version 1.2 has been basically eliminated, and V2 is currently the most widely used Version 0 and 2.1, its transmission rate can reach more than 2Mbps, and can transmit data and voice at the same time. The latest improved version v3 0 and 4.0 have been released, and the transmission speed has been greatly increased to 24mbps, and the theoretical transmission distance can reach 60m. Therefore, before buying, you need to know the Bluetooth version of your playback device. Xiaobian recommends that you buy a newer version of Bluetooth speakers above 2.1. If the Bluetooth version is too low, it is easy to play music intermittently.

    2. About materials:

    Observe the workmanship at the details

    Unlike traditional multimedia speakers, which use wooden boxes, most Bluetooth small speakers are usually made of plastic, metal and other materials. Usually, regular brands will not save money on the materials of speakers. Even if plastic materials are used, there are few phenomena such as uneven surface and thin texture. Some attentive brands even coat the outside of the speaker with waterproof coating or special waterproof paint to meet the needs of users for outdoor travel. Here I would like to remind you to pay attention to whether the interface of the speaker is flat and weigh the weight of the speaker by hand. Although the speaker with too light weight is portable, slight collision is easy to cause damage to internal parts.

    3. Battery life:

    List of parameters of mainstream dual unit portable Wi-Fi Speakers

    The service life of the speaker is the same as that of the mobile phone. Of course, the longer the better. Of course, everything has a peak. FBelec suggests that under normal use, the ideal battery life of Bluetooth should be maintained at 8-10 hours. Listening for 3 hours a day can last for 3 days. Generally, the working time of the speaker is related to the battery capacity and the power of the product. Battery capacity = service time × Equipment power & divide; Battery voltage. Simply put, when other values are certain, the battery capacity is directly proportional to the service time. Taking dual unit Bluetooth speakers as an example, their power is concentrated between 4W and 6W. If you want to achieve ideal playback time, the battery capacity should be more than 1000mah.

    4. Sound quality

    Listen to the sound quality yourself and choose a speaker that conforms to your hearing habits

    Objectively speaking, the sound quality of small speakers is very embarrassing. Unlike hifi speakers, it has large speakers and power. Its sound quality is physically limited and can not compete with large speakers. But for the vast majority of users who are not golden ears, the use of small speakers with tablets and mobile phones is enough to meet the needs of hearing. In this case, how to judge the sound quality? The most intuitive way is to listen in person. For example, brands such as Bose will have physical stores of their own products offline for users to listen. During the audition, we need to pay attention to several points. First, whether the volume and loudness of the speaker are large enough; Secondly, whether the treble is broken at the maximum volume; Listening to pop music and watching movies is the most commonly used medium frequency part of the speaker. Pay attention to whether the sound is distorted and whether the sound pollution is excessive; Finally, don't be too harsh and meet your basic expectations.

    5. Other

    Many small speakers use new, strange and special functions as gimmicks to promote, such as their own alarm clock, wireless card reading, NFC, their own color lights, etc. Although the functions are dazzling and convenient, they must not be reversed. Users should not cover up their original intention of buying Bluetooth speakers because of gorgeous publicity.

    6. Brand

    In addition, brand is also an important reference index for purchase. Which brand of Bluetooth audio is good? FBelec has more than 20 years of production experience, reliable quality and low price


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