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Ceramic Fuse

FBelec is a well-known fuse manufacturer in China Optimal for Intrinsically Safe Applications. Electronic solutions. safe and easy interfaces. Electronic components. If you you have any demands in fuses, Please Contact FBelec. FBelec ceramic tube fuse is your first choice! Fbelec has 20 years of experience in R & D, production and sales of fuses and fuse holders. It is a customized wholesale type of fuses and Fuse Holders: selling a full range of electronic components such as fuses, fuse tubes, patch wires, fuse holders, winding resistors and fuse resistors. Is an automotive fuse supplier, committed to the production of automotive fuses, fuse tubes, automotive fuse holders, buy insurance tubes, professional supply, manufacturer direct sales, quality assurance, high-quality service, low price, rich marketing experience, stable product performance and low price.

Picture Manufacturer No. Material Ampere with or without Led Description Datasheet Order
3.6*10mm fast below Ceramic Tube Fuse


Ceramic 100MA-15A WITHOUT

3.6*10mm fast below Ceramic Tube Fuse

3.6*10mm slow below Ceramic Tube Fuse


Ceramic 100MA-15A WITHOUT

3.6*10mm slow below Ceramic Tube Fuse


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