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Encapsulated Transformer

  • What is a low Encapsulated Transformer?

    Low frequency transformer is used to transmit signal voltage and signal power. It can also realize impedance matching between circuits and isolate DC. It is divided into inter stage coupling transformer, input transformer and output transformer, integrated inductor and looping inductor, which are similar to the shape of power transformer.

    1. Inter pole coupling transformer inter stage coupling transformer is used between two-stage sound integrated inductors, Rao line inductors, inductor manufacturers, Shenzhen inductors and electronic news frequency amplification circuits. As a coupling element, it transmits the output signal of the previous amplification circuit to the next stage and makes appropriate impedance transformation. 2. Input transformer in the early semiconductor radio, the transformer used between the audio integrated inductor, Rao line inductor, inductor manufacturer, Ningbo inductor, electronic news promotion stage and power amplification stage is the input transformer, which plays the role of signal coupling and transmission, also known as the push transformer. The input transformer has single ended input type and push-pull input type. If the push circuit is a single ended circuit, the input transformer is also a single ended input transformer; If the push-pull circuit is a push-pull circuit, the input transformer is also a push-pull input transformer. 3. The output transformer is connected between the output circuit of the power amplifier and the loudspeaker, which mainly plays the role of signal transmission and impedance matching.

    FBelec is mainly engaged in: electronic transformer; Potting transformer; Waterproof transformer; Inductor; Inductance; Coil; wave filter; Excitation transformer; Patch transformer

    FBelec specializes in producing all kinds of fully enclosed potted power transformers, high-frequency switching power transformers, excitation transformers, inductors, filters, ring coils, patch transformers, patch inductors and low-frequency AC power transformers. Therefore, all products are environment-friendly products and meet ROHS requirements

    Ei30 / 12.5 potting transformer, EI type potting transformer, low-frequency transformer, ei30 * 12.5 series potting transformer, power 1.5w-2.0w, full-automatic winding and vacuum potting. All materials have UL certification, SGS test report, meet EU ROHS requirements and CE certification. Products are exported to the United States and Europe. The quality is equivalent to that of similar foreign products. Ei30 * 12.5 appearance dimension of potting transformer: 32.6mm long, 27.5mm wide and 24.5mm high

    Shell color: black blue gray brown red for customers to choose!!


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