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    Parking lot Path planning and unified management

    Real time tracking, providing users with all aspects of parking space navigation, parking space recording, route search and other services, and ensuring the effective and rational use of the parking area. High precision positioning and navigation brings users convenient, fast and time-saving information services.

    Small Size & Low power

    FBelec Bluetooth module is small, low power consumption, and applicable worldwide

    FBelec Bluetooth modules & WIFI modules are small and easy to integrate: due to the small size of personal mobile devices, the size of Bluetooth chips embedded in them should be smaller. Low power consumption: when the Bluetooth device is in the communication connection state, there are four working modes - active mode, breathing mode, hold mode and sleep mode. Active mode is the normal working state, and the other three modes are the low power consumption modes specified for energy saving. Global application: Bluetooth works in the ISM band of 2.4GHz. The ISM band of most countries in the world ranges from 2.4 to 2.4835ghz. It is not necessary to apply for a license from the radio resource management departments of various countries to use this band. Simultaneous transmission of voice and data: Bluetooth adopts circuit switching and packet switching technology, and supports asynchronous data channel, three-way voice channel and channel for simultaneous transmission of asynchronous data and synchronous voice. The data rate of each speech channel is 64kbit/s, and the speech signal is encoded by pulse code modulation (PCM) or continuous variable slope delta modulation (CVSD). When asymmetric channel is used to transmit data, the maximum rate is 721kbit/s and the reverse rate is 57.6kbit/s; When symmetric channel is used to transmit data, the maximum rate is 342.6kbit/s. Bluetooth has two link types: asynchronous connectionless link and synchronous connection oriented link

    Smart industry

    Data analysis, efficient operation

    Quickly build the Internet of things application space, and closely integrate equipment, personnel and location. Improve data quality and data circulation, fully tap value, and achieve industrial goals. Improve the efficiency of digital operation and help the digital transformation of industrial enterprises

    Smart building

    Energy saving and efficiency improvement, highly integrated

    The Internet of things technology connects people, things, security, communication networks and WIFI for PC and other data in buildings to realize intelligent, information, visualization, humanization and high integration of buildings, better serve people and facilitate management, and make buildings full of perception and vitality.

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    Difference between low power Bluetooth module PCB antenna, ceramic antenna and IPEX external antenna

    What is a WIFI module,When it comes to the difference between Bluetooth modules (WIFI switch module)

    I have to mention the difference between Bluetooth module antennas. In Bluetooth products, the relationship between antennas and Bluetooth modules is complementary. In addition to the Bluetooth chip model used, the antenna used by the Bluetooth module(wifi input output module) will also affect its transmission characteristics., what is the antenna of the Bluetooth module? An antenna is a component used to transmit or receive electromagnetic waves. The function of the transmitting antenna is to effectively convert the high-frequency current energy of the transmitter into space electromagnetic energy; The receiving antenna has the opposite effect, so the antenna is essentially an energy converter.

    In fact, the Bluetooth module (usb wifi module) can successfully complete short-distance data transmission without considering the position or direction of use, but appropriate Bluetooth antenna design will help to achieve better transmission quality. The following is a comparison of PCB antenna, ceramic antenna and IPEX external antenna commonly used in esp wifi module. PCB antenna refers to the part on the PCB for wireless reception and transmission. When transmitting, it converts the high-frequency current of the transmitter into space electromagnetic wave; When receiving, it converts the electromagnetic wave intercepted from space into high-frequency current and sends it to the receiver. Its advantages are: less space occupation, low cost, no need to assemble the antenna separately, not easy to touch and damage, and convenient assembly of the whole machine. The disadvantages are: it is easy to be interfered by the motherboard, and it is difficult for a single antenna field type to be rounded, with high insertion loss and relatively low efficiency.

    ceramic antenna is a miniaturized antenna suitable for Bluetooth devices. (hobbywing wif module)Ceramic antenna can be divided into block ceramic antenna and multilayer ceramic antenna. The block antenna is that the metal part of the antenna is printed on the surface of the ceramic block after the whole ceramic body is sintered at a high temperature; The multi-layer antenna is fired by low-temperature CO firing to stack and align the multi-layer ceramics, and then sintered at high temperature. Therefore, the metal conductor of the antenna can be printed on each ceramic dielectric layer according to the design needs, which can effectively reduce the size of the antenna and achieve the purpose of hiding the antenna. Because the dielectric constant of ceramic is higher than that of PCB, the size of ceramic antenna can be reduced effectively., IPEX external antenna is an interface between RF circuit and antenna. Its advantages are: better control of field type, low insertion loss, good directional directivity of signal, high efficiency, strong anti-interference ability, it can be far away from the interference on the motherboard, and it does not need too much debugging and matching. As a terminal manufacturer, it only needs to connect an IPEX antenna externally; The disadvantage is that the cost is high and the assembly is troublesome.

    The appropriate antenna model can be selected according to the use scenario and budget. As Nordic's only strategic partner in the Asia Pacific region at this stage, FBelec provides low-power Bluetooth modules(intel wifi 6 ax201 module) using Nordic and other high-quality chips. For example, this ms50sfb transparent master-slave module uses Nordic nrf52832 chip, and there are also three kinds of antennas to choose from, including PCB antenna, ceramic antenna and IPEX external antenna.bluetooth wifi combo module.

    Five features of Low Power Bluetooth

    The application of Bluetooth technology(gree wifi module) has become a part of our life, and low-power Bluetooth has been used in various Bluetooth intelligent products with its advantages of low power consumption and low cost. What are the characteristics of low-power Bluetooth?

    1. low power consumption

    The low-power Bluetooth aims to reduce power consumption in terms of appearance and usage. In order to reduce power consumption, most low-power Bluetooth devices(ge module wifi air conditioner) will be in a sleep state. When an activity occurs, the device will wake up and start working. After the work, it will enter a sleep state. Therefore, the power consumption of low-power Bluetooth is lower than that of traditional Bluetooth. The low-power Bluetooth 4.0/4.2/5.0 modules developed and produced by FBelec adopt Nordic and other high-quality chips, which are characterized by low power consumption, anti-interference, small size, long distance and low cost.

    2. stability, security and reliability.

    The low-power Bluetooth(WIFI bluetooth module) technology uses the same adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) technology as the traditional Bluetooth technology. In order to minimize the cost and power consumption of using AFH, the low-power Bluetooth technology has reduced the number of channels from 79 1 MHz wide channels of the traditional Bluetooth technology to 40 2 MHz wide channels.

    3. wireless coexistence

    Bluetooth technology(wifi to uart module) uses the 2.4GHz ISM band without authentication. Because there are too many technologies sharing this radio wave space, wireless performance will be degraded due to error correction and repeated transmission caused by interference (such as increased delay time and reduced throughput). In demanding applications, interference can be reduced through frequency planning and special antenna design. Since both traditional Bluetooth and low-power Bluetooth use AFH, which can minimize the interference of other radio technologies, Bluetooth transmission has excellent stability and reliability.

    4. connection range

    the modulation of low-power Bluetooth technology(m 2 wifi module) is slightly different from the traditional Bluetooth technology. This different modulation achieves a connection range of up to 300 meters with a 10 MW DB wireless chipset (low power Bluetooth maximum power).

    5. ease of use and integration.

    Low Power Bluetooth is generally based on a master device connected to multiple slave devices. The master device controls the communication frequency of the slave device, and the slave device can only communicate according to the requirements of the master device. Compared with traditional Bluetooth technology, a new function added by low-power Bluetooth technology is the "broadcast" function. With this function, the slave device can tell it that it needs to send data to the master device (the broadcast message also includes activity or measured value).

    How to deal with the connection vulnerability of low-power Bluetooth

    The connection process of low-power Bluetooth devices(fastest wifi module laptop) is the pairing process of different low-power Bluetooth devices. The two devices establish a trust relationship during the first connection. After the pairing is successful, the devices that have been connected can directly connect without re authorization without modifying the relevant data during the second connection, In typical usage scenarios, automatic reconnection often occurs. For example, when a user uses a Bluetooth device(wifi module dji phantom 2 vision plus), the connection between the Bluetooth devices exceeds the connection range limit due to movement, resulting in disconnection. When the user moves to the range again, the connection relationship between the disconnected Bluetooth devices will be re established. All these will continue without the user's notification. During the reconnection of disconnected devices, connection vulnerabilities may occur because they cannot ensure that the connected devices authenticate their data and accept unauthenticated data, So how do I protect a Bluetooth enabled mobile device,

    1. ensure that only devices with the latest Bluetooth version(watchdog wifi module) are connected. There are two factors that make the new Bluetooth version different from the old version: pairing algorithm and encryption algorithm. Bluetooth versions from 4.0 to 5.0 use elliptic curve p-256 pairing algorithm and aes-ccm encryption algorithm. On the other hand, Bluetooth devices in versions 2.0 to 4.0 use elliptic curve p-192 and E1 / safe + pairing and encryption algorithms, respectively. The pairing and encryption algorithms in versions 4.0 to 5.0 are more secure than those in older versions without involving technology. When you connect your device to the 4.0 Bluetooth version or higher, it is difficult for hackers to invade your network. The cloud provides low-power Bluetooth 4.0/4.2/5.0 modules, which are characterized by low power consumption, anti-interference, small size, long distance and low cost. The connection is more secure.

    2 Use "password input" to pair devices. Password input is a pairing mechanism, which makes the pin pairing process between two devices complex and difficult to penetrate. In order for a device to join the Bluetooth network of another device, a 6-digit pin code must be entered. On the other hand, the just works pairing mechanism allows two devices to connect without a pin. However, although this mechanism is faster, it is more vulnerable to hackers,

    3. using AES encryption, when sending communication between two connected devices, it will be more secure to use AES encryption algorithm to encrypt them first. The data must be decrypted after reaching the other end, which means that the data is more secure in transmission,

    4. cancel the default startup. By default, other Bluetooth enabled devices will find your device as long as you open the device. For security reasons, it is recommended that the default setting is off, and that you make it discoverable only when you need to connect to a trusted device.

    5. avoid connecting devices in public places. When pairing devices in public places, hackers within a certain range can easily jump into the connection and tamper with data. Users should ensure that they only connect to known devices and avoid connecting to unknown devices in public places, 6. use a password to protect your important data. If your smartphone contains any sensitive data, please ensure that it is properly saved in a password protected file. Even if a hacker accesses your mobile phone through Bluetooth(wifi camera module), he has no value to steal.

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    The route arrangement of the land transportation small package: The land transportation small package is mainly two channels of the east line and the west line. After arriving in Moscow in the form of a postal package, it is unpacked and delivered to CDEK/PONY/Russian Post. The west line mainly goes to Horgos, a port in Xinjiang, and then passes through Kazakhstan for customs clearance and then conveys it to Moscow, and other cities will be delivered separately to arrive. The east line passes through the Manzhouli port, and clears customs in Post-Baikal directly to Russia. Most of Ali, Yanwen, etc. pass through this channel. If you compare the east-west line, the timeliness of the east line of land transportation is better than that of the west line. However, the customs clearance at Baiguan is very prone to troubles, and the time is much longer than expected. In particular, it should be noted that the east line does not accept electronic products and other product names, and delivery. Need to confirm the name before. There are fewer restrictions on the west line, and other normal product names are acceptable except for white powder/corrosive liquid products. If there are special requirements, the sender can consult customer service. Route arrangement of domestic direct flight channels: The direct flight channel of small air parcels is from Shenzhen/Zhengzhou/Beijing to Moscow by direct charter flight, customs clearance in Moscow on the day of departure, and then delivered to Russia Post for all-Russian delivery. Compared with the land transport small package channel, the direct flight channel can reach Moscow on the same day, and also avoids various uncertainties at the land port, and the timeliness is much better. Subject to air transportation safety regulations, direct flights do not accept products such as charged magnetic liquids. Sender/customer delivery method: Whether it is land or air transportation, the customer first needs to send it to our warehouse for collection and packaging. The sender can choose the nearest warehouse of our company in Chengdu, Shenzhen, Ningbo and Guangzhou for delivery. After our company has completed the inspection and packaging of the goods, we will carry out transportation, declaration, exit, customs clearance, and delivery operations in different modes of transportation according to customer requirements. Special reminder;

    1. Russia has a vast territory and scattered cities, coupled with work efficiency problems in Russia, the delivery of remote cities must be psychologically prepared, the sender needs to confirm with our company before delivery, and communicate with the recipient to avoid create additional problems.

    2. Due to channel problems, Belarus is currently only accessible by land parcels, and there is no direct flight channel. If necessary, pleasecontact FBelec.