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Acoustic Component Category

FBelec is not only a leading enterprise in China electroacoustic industry, but also a leading manufacturer in the global micro electroacoustic field. Its main business is the R & D, production and sales of acoustic electrical parts, optoelectronic devices, electronic accessories and complete electronic products.

Security & Alarm Category

FBelec smart Security Systems is the worldwide leader in DIY RFID Access Control System, anti-theft alarm system and alarm system accessory,just like piezo siren,piezo alarm,back up alarm etc. FBelec are proud to empower owners and operators with the solutions.contact us today,let FBelec to be your best partner in security fields.

Sensor Category

FBELEC specializes in producing various sensors. The product is widely used in industries such as aerospace, national defense and military industry, mechanical equipment, industrial automation, automotive electronics, medicine, home appliances, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, petrochemicals, air compressors, meteorological detection, etc, Instrumentation and other fields. Throughout its more than 20 years of development, FBELEC has always regarded innovation as the source of product application and research and development. The company produces over 22000 products and has the most complete product line. Provide customers with a one-stop solution

Piezo Ceramic Category

FBelec as one of the top manufacturers of piezo ceramics in China, leading supplier of piezo products and services that delivers a superior level of customer services. The piezo ceramics offered by FBelec undergo strict quality control measures, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and durability. FBelec's commitment to delivering reliable and high-quality products is further demonstrated by their certifications, including CE, ROHS, REACH, and UL. FBelec piezoelectric ceramics are part of the electroceramic group of materials which cover electrical, mechanical, and magnetic properties. Piezo ceramic for sale Contact FBelec today.

Fuse & Circuit Breaker Category

Fbelec has introduced and adopted the world's excellent and advanced machinery and equipment and advanced management experience. At present, fbelec has become a well-known circuit safety protection brand in China. Production and marketing of micro fuse, square fuse, current fuse, high voltage fuse, temperature fuse, resistance fuse, ceramic tube fuse, glass tube fuse, self-healing fuse, patch winding resistance, etc., focusing on providing customers at home and abroad. The products sell well in Brazil, the United States, Russia, Poland, Argentina, Germany, South Korea and other places. We are very focused on the safety and reliable performance of products to ensure that the products are foolproof. The safety performance of products has achieved good results. Our main products have obtained UL, cul, VDE, CCC, CQC, CE, PSE, KTL, RoHS and other international safety certifications.

Switch & Indicator Category

FBelec industrial electric switch have been strictly tested by time and market. They are recognized as safety products in the eyes of consumers. They are strictly controlled in terms of material and quality. There are high-quality processes in all aspects of packaging, transportation, display and image design. Famous brand electrical products are not only safety electrical functional products, but also exquisite and elegant, works of art that reflect high cultural taste. Today is an era of pursuing fashion. Although FBelec electrical products are not a kind of public daily consumer goods, like mobile phones, their exquisite styles, different designs and unique ideas are for safer and more comfortable life.

Battery Holder & Connectors Category

Fbelec, founded in 1997, is a professional manufacturer integrating connector development and plastic hardware processing. Specializing in the production of: button battery base series, battery box, battery button and Hardware battery pieces and other battery accessories; Fbelec is the most professional manufacturer of battery holder and battery box in China.

Motors & Fans & Heat Sink Category

FBelec is a professional manufacturer of DC micro motors, micro electric dc motor, cooling fan, solid-state radiators, providing users with perfect supporting components, plug-in radiators, aluminum alloy radiators and radiator processing manufacturers, which can be put into production according to customer requirements! FBelec is a professional manufacturer of DC micro motors,cooling fan,solid-state radiators, providing users with perfect supporting components, plug-in radiators, aluminum alloy radiators and radiator processing manufacturers, which can be put into production according to customer requirements!

Power Supply Category

Power supplies appear everywhere, and knowing how they work will help you select the best options for your applications. Whether you need high-voltage power on board a ship or need to plug in a notebook computer to charge, you need a power supply.

Relay & Socket Category

Fbelec one-stop self-service selection: signal relay, power relay, industrial relay, automobile relay, high-voltage relay, magnetic holding relay, solid-state relay, optocoupler relay, time relay and high-voltage relay. At present, there are more than 30 series and hundreds of product specifications of relays, which are widely used in power control, smart home, household appliances, new energy vehicles, etc, Welcome to contact fbelec for more product information and price!

Wifi & Antennas Category

FBelec is a professional satellite communication and data transmission manufacturer, focusing on the research and development of high-precision GPS satellite positioning and data transmission radio. It is a leader in the field of high-precision antenna, RTK antenna, GNSS antenna, GPS antenna, Beidou antenna and data transmission radio, Main products: engineering indoor and outdoor antenna / full band antenna / LTE / 4G antenna / GSM / CDMA / 3G antenna / 2.4g/5.8g antenna / digital TV antenna / 433 / 315MHz antenna / GPS antenna / built-in antenna / RF line, etc. provide a variety of antennas to solve complex wireless application challenges. Learn more about WiFi, Bluetooth, LMR, Tetra, GNSS, GPS, cellular, ISM, Lora, etc.

Inductor & Choke Category

Buy China Direct From Choke Inductor Factory at FBelec. FBelec is a manufacturer specializing in the production of coupling transformer, power transformer and inductance coil. Inductors (inductive coils) and transformers are electromagnetic induction components wound with insulated wires (such as enamelled wire, gauze wire, etc.), which are also one of the commonly used components in electronic circuits. It has a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The company was founded in 1997! It is fbelec's tireless goal to meet customer requirements in terms of technology, quality, response, delivery and cost. The company has established a smooth communication bridge between customers in many aspects, such as technology and scheme, quality and cost, delivery and response, through the continuous improvement of professional technology and marketing team, the full absorption of products and materials and the correct and timely understanding of the needs of final customers, and through information analysis and feedback, on-site problem handling, technical support Provide value-added services for scheme design, goods preparation, logistics, financing, etc.

Electricians Tools Category

FBelec electricians tools

FBelec tool manufacturer, a long-standing tool manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, is a brand electrician tool combination set+customized foreign trade export tools, with complete qualifications and its own large warehouse. It can be connected for video viewing, brand tools, and tool box manufacturers come here for the electrician tool combination set. FBelec tools including: Soldering Equipment, Electroprobe & Multimeter Screwdrivers, Scale, Hot air gun, Hot Melt Gun & Glue, Tapes. etc, FBelec company is looking for distributor all over the world!

Electronic Beauty Instrument Category

FBelec can be used for manicure lamps, cleansing apparatus, massage apparatus, hair straightener, electronic acupuncture, massage waist belt, thermometer, slimming device, spray water replenishing instrument, fascia gun, hair removal apparatus, electronic heating palace belt, nasal hair trimmer, electric eyebrow knife, mini electric eyelash artifact, Spot nevus freckle device, black head suction apparatus, beauty eye protector, fat dropping abdominal device, mask for importing artifact, Introduce dozens of products such as skin rejuvenation instrument, electric scraping instrument and water replenishing instrument to provide mature MCU application development scheme. As long as it is a common beauty instrument product in life, FBelec can realize the technical support of MCU scheme development. FBelec has become the first choice of manufacturers with professional and mature technical services. We are a professional Electronic Beauty Instrument products manufacturer, located in Zhejiang, China. Our beauty tech solutions are helping trailblazing brands gain immediate ROI results.

IC & Semiconductors Category

IC Electronic Semiconductor - IC Designed for your company. FBelec Has An Extensive Range Of Experience Across All Facets Of The Industry. From simple power converter chips to complex detection chips in automobiles. Request A Quote Today! Shows: Design Costs, Development Costs, Production Costs. We supply: Motor Start Capacitor, Transistor, Capacitors, Resistors, Potentiometer, IC.

Mould & Plastic Enclosure Category

Electronics plastic injection molding. FBelec can provide customers with "high-quality products, reasonable price, timely delivery and considerate service", specializing in the design and manufacturing of moulded consumer electronics components, Plastic Injection Molding Electronics and Prototype Service, oil injection screen printing, product assembly and other services of electronic products (17% can be opened and can be transferred). FBelec will Work With You To Develop Outstanding ProductMould & Plastic Enclosure Solutions. The company has passed ISO9001-2000 quality management certification. Low-Cost Injection Molding Leader. Easy Online Ordering. Get A Quote. In Business Since 1997. Products are widely used in electronics, home appliances, communications, it, automotive, medical, office and many other fields.also plastic molding for electronic components.

Smart Home Category

FBelec company: provide solutions of smart home. FBelec has produced Smart Home for 25 years, with reliable quality, and has won unanimous praise in the domestic cigarette butt industry. Smart home system uses advanced computer technology, network communication technology, intelligent cloud control, generic cabling technology and medical electronic technology to integrate various subsystems related to home life, such as security, lighting control, curtain control, gas valve control, information appliances, scene linkage, floor heating, health care Health and epidemic prevention, security, etc. are organically combined to realize a "people-oriented" new home life experience through networked comprehensive intelligent control and management.


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