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      FBelec has 25 years of experience in the research and development and manufacturing of piezoelectric ceramic sheets.

      Piezoelectric ceramics is a kind of information functional ceramic material - Piezoelectricity that can convert mechanical energy and electrical energy into each other. In addition to piezoelectricity, piezoelectric ceramics also have dielectric properties, elasticity, etc., and have been widely used in medical imaging, acoustic sensors, acoustic transducers, ultrasonic motors, etc. FBelec's innovative experience, professional technical team, and secret raw material formula are carefully controlled to ensure the quality of each process of piezoelectric ceramic chips. Piezoelectric ceramics, which can be customized in various specifications, can be used for flow meters, and can deliver goods quickly. According to your welding requirements, we can provide customers with professional technical services and high-quality services. Piezoelectric Filter (aquarium)#Materials suitable for aquarium filtration and ball crowns can be used for ultrasonic flow meters and ultrasonic medical beauty. FBelec has 25 years of experience in the research and development and manufacturing of piezoelectric ceramic sheets. We provide nickel electrodes, titanium alloy electrodes, and piezoelectric ceramic sheets, which are particularly suitable for high-precision fields such as biomedicine, aerospace, military industry, and have a performance life far exceeding traditional silver electrode piezoelectric ceramics. Our products have been exported to Europe and America for a long time.

      FBelec is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of piezoelectric ceramic sheets, high-temperature sheets, and piezoelectric ceramic buzzer series products. China leading piezo ceramic manufacturer. Best Piezo ceramic factory.
      PZT Piezoelectric Ceramic Production Plant
      : Equipped with FBelec's Piezoelectric Ceramic Production Line, it can complete the entire process from powder preparation to the research and development and mass production of final piezoelectric components and some extension products.

      China Famous Piezo Ceramic Factory

      China Famous Piezo Ceramic Factory

      Piezo Ceramic workshop

      Piezo Ceramic workshop

      Piezo Ceramics

      Piezo Ceramics

      Microwave dielectric ceramic production plant area

      Equipped with a specialized dielectric ceramic production line, it can be used from powder preparation to final dielectric ceramic component debugging and shipping, and has the ability to independently design and develop.

      The piezoelectric element is characterized by the following properties:

      1. 90% of the management team have a college degree or above, and the main technical development personnel are those who have years of experience in technical development and management in the piezoelectric ceramic industry;

      2. Hire industry experts as technical support for the company's development, ensuring that the company has always held an important position in the piezoelectric ceramic industry in China;

      3.The cultivation of team spirit enables team members to work together and work towards a common goal. For individual employees, the goal that the team aims to achieve is the direction they strive for. The overall goal of the team is decomposed into various small goals, which are implemented by each employee.

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  • Piezo Ceramics Manufacturing Process

    Piezoelectric ceramic plate is an electronic pronunciation component, in which a piezoelectric ceramic dielectric material is placed between two copper circular electrodes. When an AC audio signal is connected to the two electrodes, the piezoelectric plate will vibrate according to the size and frequency of the signal, producing corresponding sound.

    Process flow: ingredients - mixed grinding - pre firing - secondary grinding - granulation - forming - molding - sintering into ceramics - external processing - electrode - high voltage polarization - aging testing.

  • 1, Ingredients: Conduct pre-treatment, remove impurities and moisture, and then weigh various raw materials according to the formula proportion. Pay attention to placing a small amount of additives in the middle of the bulk material.
    2, Mixed grinding: the purpose is to mix and grind all kinds of raw materials to prepare conditions for Dry media reaction of pre burning. Generally, dry grinding or wet grinding is adopted. Small batches can adopt dry grinding, while large batches can adopt stirring ball milling or airflow crushing methods, with higher efficiency.

    3, Presintering: the purpose is to synthesize piezoelectric ceramics by Dry media reaction of raw materials under high temperature. This process is very important. It will directly affect the sintering conditions and the performance of the final product.
    4, Secondary fine grinding: The purpose is to finely vibrate, mix, and grind the pre fired piezoelectric ceramic powder, laying a foundation for the uniform performance of the porcelain.

    5, Granulation: The purpose is to form high-density particles with good fluidity in the powder.
    6, Forming: The purpose is to press the prepared material into a preform of the required size.

    7, Molding: The purpose is to remove the adhesive added during granulation from the blank.
    8, Sintering into porcelain: Seal and sinter the blank into porcelain at high temperature. This link is quite important.

    9, Appearance processing: Grind the fired product to the required size of the finished product.
    10, Electrode: Set conductive electrodes on the required ceramic surface. The general methods include silver layer sintering, chemical deposition, and vacuum coating.

    11, High voltage polarization: Orientates the arrangement of electrical domains within the ceramic, thereby endowing the ceramic with piezoelectric properties.
    12, Aging test: After the ceramic performance stabilizes, check all indicators to see if it meets the expected performance requirements.

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