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    Classification of Electronic Buzzer

    1. According to the principle of its driving mode, it can be divided into: active buzzer (including driving circuit, also known as self-excited buzzer) and passive buzzer (external driving, also known as other excited buzzer);

    2. According to different construction methods, it can be divided into:magnetic buzzer and piezoelectric buzzer;

    3. According to different packages, it can be divided into dip buzzer (pin buzzer) and SMD buzzer (micro buzzer);

    4. According to the difference of current, it can be divided into DC buzzer and AC buzzer. Among them, DC is the most common piezoelectric buzzer, which uses piezoelectric materials, that is, when the piezoelectric materials are deformed by external forces, the piezoelectric materials will generate charges. Similarly, piezoelectric materials will deform when energized. The electromagnetic buzzer mainly uses the characteristics that the energized conductor will generate a magnetic field, and uses a fixed permanent magnet and the energized conductor to generate a magnetic force to push the tympanic membrane fixed on the coil.

    The utility model is suitable for two kinds of piezoelectric alarm devices with simple tone and durable structure. The electromagnetic type is mostly used in voice, music and other equipment because of its good sound quality.

    Difference between active buzzer and passive buzzer( active vs passive buzzer)

    In appearance, the height of the two is slightly different. The height of active buzzer A is 9mm, while the height of passive buzzer B is 8mm. In many cases, the height of active buzzer is higher than that of passive buzzer. If the pins of the two buzzers are placed upward, it can be seen that the one with green circuit board is a passive buzzer, and the one without circuit board and closed with black glue is an active buzzer.

    To judge the active buzzer and passive buzzer in one step, you can also test with the resistance gear RXL of the multimeter: connect the black lead to the "-" pin of the buzzer, and touch the red lead back and forth on the other pin. If there is a click and click sound and the resistance is only 8 Ω (or 16 Ω), it is a passive buzzer; If it can make continuous sound and the resistance is more than hundreds of ohms, it is an active buzzer.

    The active buzzer can continuously sound when directly connected to the rated power supply (the new buzzer is indicated on the label); The passive buzzer, like the electromagnetic speaker, needs to be connected to the audio output circuit to make sound. Difference between active buzzer and passive buzzer:

    Note: the "source" here does not refer to the power supply, but refers to the shock source. In other words, the active buzzer has a shock source inside, so it will sound as soon as it is powered on;

    There is no oscillation source inside the passive, so it can't sound with DC signal. 2k-5k square wave must be used to drive it. The active buzzer is often more expensive than the passive one because there are many oscillation circuits inside.

    The advantages of sound buzzer are:

    1. Cheap 2. The sound frequency is controllable, which can make the effect of "dolemifa solasi" 3. In some special cases, a control port can be multiplexed with LED

    The advantages of active buzzer are:

    1. convenient program control.

    Piezoelectric ceramic buzzer summary:(buzz electronics)

    Piezoelectric buzzer is made of lead zirconate titanate or lead magnesium niobate piezoelectric ceramic materials. Silver electrodes are plated on both sides of the ceramic sheet. After polarization and aging treatment, they are bonded with brass sheet or stainless steel sheet.

    Piezoelectric ceramic sheet is an electronic pronunciation element. A piezoelectric ceramic dielectric material is placed between two copper circular electrodes. When the AC audio signal is connected on the two electrodes, the piezoelectric sheet vibrates according to the size and frequency of the signal to produce the corresponding sound. Due to its simple structure and low cost, piezoelectric ceramics are widely used in electronic and electrical appliances, such as toys, pronunciation electronic watches, electronic instruments, electronic clocks, timers and so on. Ultrasonic motor is made of related properties.

    Working principle:(piezoelectric buzzer schematic)

    Triode BG1 and BG2 form a two-stage direct coupled low-frequency amplification circuit. A piezoelectric ceramic sheet HTD is connected between the base of BG1 tube at the input end of the amplifier and the collector of BG2 tube at the output end of the amplifier. Here, HTD is both a feedback element (using inter pole distributed capacitance) and a pronunciation element, which simplifies the circuit.

    Resistor R1 is the bias resistor of BG1 tube. On the one hand, its resistance value determines the working current of the circuit, and also has a great impact on the pronunciation tone. R1 resistance increases, HTD frequency becomes lower, R1 resistance decreases, and HTD frequency becomes higher. Resistance R2 is the collector load resistance of triode BG2. Capacitor C1 is the negative feedback capacitance of BG1 tube. Changing its capacity can change the pronunciation of HTD.


    Piezoelectric buzzer has the characteristics of small volume, high sensitivity, low power consumption, good reliability, low cost and good frequency characteristics. Therefore, it is widely used in the alarm of various electrical products. With the characteristics of low cost, good frequency characteristics and sensitivity, the high-voltage electric buzzer has small volume. The most common are small electronic products such as music greeting cards, electronic doorbells and electronic toys, which are used as sound generating devices, low power consumption, good reliability, electronic watches, sound generating purposes and pocket calculators.

    Electromagnetic buzzer

    The electromagnetic buzzer is composed of oscillator, electromagnetic coil, magnet, vibrating diaphragm and shell. After the power is connected, the audio signal current generated by the oscillator passes through the electromagnetic coil to generate a magnetic field. The vibrating diaphragm vibrates and sounds periodically under the interaction of the electromagnetic coil and magnet.

    Electromagnetic buzzer is widely used in computers, printers, copiers, alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones, timers and other electronic products.

    The electric buzzer uses the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics to drive the vibration of metal sheets to make sound; The electromagnetic buzzer uses the principle of electromagnetism to suck down the metal diaphragm when it is powered on and bounce back according to the elasticity of the diaphragm when it is not powered on. Therefore, the piezoelectric buzzer is driven by square wave and the electromagnetic buzzer is driven by 1 / 2 square wave. The piezoelectric buzzer needs relatively high voltage to have enough sound voltage. Generally, it is recommended to be more than 9V or 12v dc piezo buzzer . Some specifications of piezoelectric can reach more than 120dB, and larger ones can easily reach 100dB.

    Electromagnetic buzzer: with 1.5V, it can emit sound pressure of more than 85dB, but the current consumption will be much higher than that of piezoelectric buzzer. When the size is the same, the response frequency of electromagnetic buzzer can be relatively low; The sound pressure of electromagnetic buzzer is generally up to 90dB Mechanical buzzer is a small category of electromagnetic buzzer.

    Applications for Buzzer

    Piezoelectric materials have found application in a wide range of areas, such as medical instruments. control of industrial processes, semiconductor manu-facturing systems,household electrical appliances,communication control systems, various measuring instruments, and other areas.

    that use piezoelectric materials - pumps, sewing machines, sensors (pressure, icing, angular velocities, etC.), optical instruments, laser printers, motors for autofocus cameras, and many others. In this case, the scope of these materials is constantly growing. Using a piezoelectric element is usually reduced to four categories: sensors, generators, power actuators, and transducers.

    In generators, piezoelectric materials can generate a voltage suflcient to cause a spark between the electrodes, and thus can be used as electrodes to ignite

    What Our Customer Say

    • “We know FBELE in June 2021, We are new client.

      When I first bought FBELE products, I was worried about the quality, but after receiving the first batch of trial order goods, my doubts were dispelled. FBELE product quality is very good! We will place big order this year, thanks for FBELE!"


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    • “Before found FBELE, we cooperated with another piezoelectric element factory manufacturer. Due to the quality problem at that time, we tried to cooperate with FBELE. Unexpectedly, the quality of FBELE products is very stable. At present, the cooperation has been nearly 10 years. We hope FBELE will always supply us."


      form France

    • “We have cooperated with FBELE for 15 years. FBELE is very professional. Every time need to buy piezo ceramic products, as long as we give some small tips (such as models, pictures, piezoelectric diaphragms and even a little description of other companies), they can choose products for me, saving me valuable time"


      form China

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Piezoelectric buzzer is a kind of sound generator with piezoelectric ceramic as electroacoustic transducer

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    Simple distinguishing method between active buzzer and passive buzzer? The fundamental difference between External Drive buzzer and Internal Drive buzzer is that products have different requirements for input signals; The ideal signal of active buzzer is DC, which is usually marked as VDC, VDD, etc. Because there is a simple oscillation circuit inside the Piezzo Buzzer, which can convert the constant DC into a pulse signal of a certain frequency, so as to realize the alternating magnetic field and drive the vibration and pronunciation of aluminum sheet. However, some piezo sounder can also work under specific AC signals, but they have high requirements for the voltage and frequency of AC signals, which is generally not used. piezo transducer has no internal drive circuit. Some companies and factories call it Transducer Indicator Sounder, which is called sounder in the international standard. The ideal signal square wave of passive buzzer. If a DC signal is given, the Audio Devices will not respond, because the magnetic circuit is constant and the molybdenum sheet cannot vibrate and sound. if you have more questions,please contact FBelec's engineer!!

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  • 23x10mm 12VDC Piezo Audio Indicator with wire


    How can we distinguish between active buzzer and passive buzzer? 1. Through appearance: the welding foot of the buzzer can be turned upward. If the circuit board is black epoxy, if the circuit board is green, it means passive; 2. Test: adjust the multimeter to Ohm gear. If the resistance value is displayed, it is a passive buzzer. If it makes a continuous sound, it is an active buzzer. 3. Directly connected to the DC power supply, those who will make sound are active, and those who will not make sound are passive.

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  • 23x12mm 12VDC electronic buzzer with Long Continous Beep Tone 


    What is an active piezo buzzers? Active means that there is an internal oscillation source or a driving circuit board, which can drive the piezoelectric buzzers to sound. The oscillation source includes chips, diodes, triodes, etc. Therefore, it will sound as soon as the direct current is connected. Sound types include continuous sound, intermittent sound, alarm sound, etc. In fact, the active buzzer with generator is internally equipped with a driving circuit, so there is no need for an external signal source. Because there is a circuit board inside, the active piezoelectric buzzer will be more expensive than the passive buzzer. It depends on the manufacturer to choose according to their own product design. If you need more information, you can contact fbelec engineers!

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    Principle of piezoelectric buzzer: Piezoelectric sounders is mainly composed of multivibrator, piezoceramic element, impedance matcher, resonance box, shell, etc. Some piezoelectric buzzers are also equipped with light-emitting diodes on the shell. Multivibrator consists of transistor or integrated circuit. When the power is turned on (1.5 ~ 15V DC working voltage), the multivibrator vibrates and outputs an audio signal of 100 ~ 500Hz. The impedance matcher pushes the piezo beeper to sound. The piezoelectric buzzer is made of lead zirconate titanate or lead magnesium niobate piezoelectric ceramic materials. Silver electrodes are plated on both sides of the ceramic sheet. After polarization and aging treatment, they are bonded with brass sheet or stainless steel sheet.

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    What are the packaging of buzzer? The packaging of buzzer is generally divided into plug-in Piezo Alert(DIP) and patch buzzer (SMD); Plug in buzzer usually adopts plastic box packaging, foam box packaging, inner box packaging, bag packaging, etc., with buzzer, it can also be bulk, which can save transportation costs. The patch buzzer is generally packed with braided tape, and then loaded into the corresponding inner box and outer package. Fbelec's packaging design is generally to reduce the size on the premise of good protection of piezo electric sounder, so as to save transportation cost!

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  • 23*19mm 9v Piezo Audio Indicator with pin


    How can the buzzer be used so that it is not easy to break? Some customers only care about the price when purchasing the buzzer, but ignore the electrical performance parameters of the audio indicator, which is easy to cause the mismatch between the alerts buzzer and the PCB board drive circuit, resulting in various quality problems. Matching buzzer with PCB circuit is the method of long service life of Piezoelectric Buzzer. In addition, in the process of use, the following matters need to be paid attention to: 1. If the welding temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the shell of the buzzer to be deformed and the pins to be loose, resulting in no sound or small sound; 2. The starting voltage of the Piezoelectric sounder is low or too high, and it is easy to make a small sound or sand sound during use; 3. The panel mount buzzers has a small sound after being stored for a period of time, and becomes normal after being used for a period of time. This situation may be that the Piezo Electric Buzzer is affected by the humid environment, so attention should be paid to moisture-proof. 4. When the audio signalling device works on the PCB board, there will be tone change or no sound. There is no problem when the unit is removed for test. This situation may be caused by the interference of magnetic field on the buzzer.

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  • 23*19mm 12v Piezo Audio Indicator with wire


    How to connect the buzzers? Let's introduce the general wiring method. 1. First, confirm the positive and negative of the Piezo-type buzzer's. Generally, the long foot of the active buzzer is positive and the short foot is negative. The voltage limit of the buzzer. The general piezoelectric sounder selects the DC power supply voltage of 1.5,3v, 5V and 12V. Self Drive buzzers generally do not have long and short legs, and there is no difference between positive and negative poles. They can be wired arbitrarily, but they must have a drive board to make sound, not directly. 2. The sound of Piezoelectric ringers is mainly related to parameters, including high dB and low dB. Generally speaking, the larger the size of the Piezoelectric Alarm Beeper, the louder the sound.

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  • 30x15mm 24V active fast pulse tone buzzer


    Drives buzzers: the commonly used driving method is to drive directly through the triode. The triode is mainly used to amplify the current, because the current required when the loud buzzer rings is relatively large. Generally, the single chip microcomputer port can not directly provide such a large current. A diode is connected in reverse parallel to the buzzer to prolong the service life of the buzzer. There is a coil inside the buzzer, which is equivalent to an inductance. When the buzzer is closed, a reverse electromotive force will be generated on the coil. This diode can discharge the coil when the Panel-mount buzzers and sounders is closed. when this driving circuit is used to drive the buzzer, at the moment of power on, sometimes the buzzer will sound. At this time, because when the MCU is powered on, some IO ports will default to high level before the IO port is initialized. In this way, when the MCU is powered on, the base of the triode will instantly reach another high level, and the Buzzer Buttons will sound, After the initialization of the IO port is completed, the IO port is set to the low level. At this time, the triode is not connected and the signaling device will not sound. In order to avoid this situation, a relatively large pull-down resistance will be added to the base.

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