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23*19mm 9v Piezo Audio Indicator with pin

Piezo Buzzer FBPB2319
Size: 23*19   

Rated Voltag (V): 12   

Operating Voltage (V): 3~24   

Current Consumption (mA): ≤15   

SPL (dB): ≥88@10cm   

Resonant Frequency (Hz): 3300±500   

Description: 23*19mm 9v Piezo Audio Indicator with pin   

23*19mm 9v Piezo Audio Indicator with pin
  • FBPB2319
  • How can the buzzer be used so that it is not easy to break? Some customers only care about the price when purchasing the buzzer, but ignore the electrical performance parameters of the audio indicator, which is easy to cause the mismatch between the alerts buzzer and the PCB board drive circuit, resulting in various quality problems. Matching buzzer with PCB circuit is the method of long service life of Piezoelectric Buzzer. In addition, in the process of use, the following matters need to be paid attention to: 1. If the welding temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the shell of the buzzer to be deformed and the pins to be loose, resulting in no sound or small sound; 2. The starting voltage of the Piezoelectric sounder is low or too high, and it is easy to make a small sound or sand sound during use; 3. The panel mount buzzers has a small sound after being stored for a period of time, and becomes normal after being used for a period of time. This situation may be that the Piezo Electric Buzzer is affected by the humid environment, so attention should be paid to moisture-proof. 4. When the audio signalling device works on the PCB board, there will be tone change or no sound. There is no problem when the unit is removed for test. This situation may be caused by the interference of magnetic field on the buzzer.


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