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Picture Model No. Weight Type Description Datasheet Order
electronic safe box with great compact size


2.5kg Home Safe

electronic safe box with great compact size

home&Office Electronic safe box


0.5-1.6kg Home Safe

home&Office Electronic safe box

childrens code deposit box


4.8kg Home Safe

childrens code deposit box

small safe for home use


6.5kg Home Safe

small safe for home use

fireproof Safe Box


8kg Home Safe

fireproof Safe Box

home Hotel Fire Resistant Double Key SAFES


8.5kg Home Safe

home Hotel Fire Resistant Double Key SAFES

safe box for children, home and hotel


25kg Drop & Burglar Safe

safe box for children, home and hotel

fireproof Electronic Digital Locks Steel Gun/Money/Book Mini Safes


26kg Drop & Burglar Safe

fireproof Electronic Digital Locks Steel Gun/Money/Book Mini Safes

promotion Child Home Blue Electronic Digital Lock Kids Mini security Safe Box


8kg Hotel Safe

promotion Child Home Blue Electronic Digital Lock Kids Mini security Safe Box

middle Size Home Steel Safes For Money


8kg Hotel Safe

middle Size Home Steel Safes For Money


  • What is safe box?


    Safe (box) is a special container. According to its function, it is mainly divided into fire safe, anti-theft safe, anti-magnetic safe, fire and anti-magnetic safe, fire and anti-theft safe, etc. each kind of safe has its own national standard. Most of the safes on the market are the first two. According to the working principle of different passwords, anti-theft safe (box) can also be divided into mechanical insurance and electronic insurance. The former is characterized by relatively cheap price and reliable performance. Most of the early safes (boxes) were mechanical safes (boxes). Electronic safes (boxes) applied electronic locks such as electronic passwords and IC cards to safes (box), which is characterized by convenient use, especially when used in hotels, the password needs to be changed frequently. Therefore, it is more convenient to use the electronic password safe (box).

    The history of the safe can be traced back to the middle ages. In medieval paintings, we can occasionally see a wooden cabinet containing gold, silver and jewelry, which is the prototype of modern safe.it can be Wall Safes or Floor Safes.

    It is a wooden safe for gold, silver and jewelry in Louis' 15th of the 18th century imitated by fiche Bauche, a famous French safe manufacturer. This kind of safe looks like furniture, without special locks, and has low safety. Until the early 19th century 200 years ago, with the growth of social economy, the safe industry began to develop, and there were specialized lock manufacturers in Europe. In 1818, Chubb was established in the UK (Chubb became a leader in the safe industry in the 19th century). In 1825, French fiche Bauche company was established... These manufacturers then began to manufacture safe. The material of safe has changed from wood to various solid metals, but it basically follows the tenon technology or overall casting of wood. It is similar to the furniture at that time in terms of appearance and technology, and the precision of lock is not high High.

    The lock industry in the late 1950s was still underdeveloped. Although the appearance of the safe changed with each passing day, there was no significant development in the precision and reliability of the lock. In the late 1860s, Americans invented the lock mechanism and multi bolt technology for safes, which greatly improved the safety performance of safes.

    In the 1960s and 1970s, due to the rapid development of semiconductor technology, the industry developed electronic code locks, which are also widely used in various types of safe products. Later, led and LCD digital displays were used in the safe. Users' demand for fire protection also gave birth to all kinds of fire protection products. The development of fingerprint scanning and identification technology promoted the application of fingerprint lock in the safe. The popularity of magnetic card derived the magnetic card safe... And the product types of the safe developed from the simplest functions to anti-theft, fire prevention, anti-theft / fire prevention, anti magnetism There are almost countless types such as household, commercial, hotel, firearms, documents / data, etc.

    With the continuous development of various security technologies and corresponding cracking technologies, users are more and more inclined to choose safes that are safer and better protect property. Therefore, the safe industry continues to develop, and products with higher security such as face recognition, automatic opening photography, networked alarm safes, etc

    How to buy a safe:

    1. First of all, the difference is from the external packaging of products. Generally, safe products produced by regular manufacturers will clearly mark the product name on the product packaging, rather than deliberately blurring the concept and confusing the product. Such as: T-type collection cabinet, boutique safekeeping cabinet, electronic code safe, mechanical safe, etc. From these names, we can correctly distinguish the safe from the treasure chest.

    2. Open the outer package and check whether the product itself is labeled with CE and VDE marks. If it is labeled with CE and VDE marks, it should be a real safe.

    3. Carefully check the appearance of the product, and check the appearance of the product, the connection degree of door seam, whether the box is polished smoothly, the opening of lock, safety performance, etc.

    4. Open the product and distinguish it from the thickness of steel plate, especially the thickness of door plate. The steel plate thickness of door plate of safe products with good quality is no less than 10mm, and it is composed of a whole steel plate. In contrast, the steel plate thickness of products with poor quality is very thin, and it may be combined by two steel plates.

    5. Carefully check the box to see how the steel plates on all sides are connected. The box of a good safe is formed by one-time stamping of steel plates. There are almost no gaps on all sides, which has a very good anti prying performance. At the same time, tap the box gently and listen to the sound. The box of a good safe is completely composed of all steel plates, which will have a very clear sound when knocked. Some products are composed of two very thin iron sheets inside and outside, filled with sand in the middle, which will make a very dull sound when knocked.

    6. Purchase of anti-theft safe

    Most of the anti-theft safes in the market are A1, with various shapes and styles. Consumers can buy them according to their needs. No matter what style of anti-theft safes they buy, consumers should pay attention to the following aspects:

    ① The color of the paint film (or plastic sprayed film) on the external surface of the anti-theft safe shall be uniform, and there shall be no obvious cracks, gas robes, spots and other defects.

    ② For anti-theft safe with cabinet height ≤ 600mm, the upper, right and left clearance between cabinet door and door frame ≤ 1.5mm, and the lower clearance ≤ 2mm. If the gap is too large, the anti-theft performance will be reduced.

    ③ When the mass of class A and class B anti-theft safes is less than 340kg, there shall be installation and fixing holes, fixing parts and instructions for fixing, which shall be fixed in time according to the requirements of the instructions.

    ④ Generally, the thickness of the door plate of the anti-theft safe is 8mm ~ 10mm, and the thickness of the cabinet body is more than 6mm, so as to ensure the anti-theft performance. When purchasing, you should ask the store about the thickness of the steel plate.

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