• What is the function of Selfie Ring Light?

    Which kind of Selfie Ring Light is good? Broadcast Lighting, selfie phone ring light, selfie led ring light, led selfie ring light, Mobile phone LED beauty lamp, Desktop bracket light filling lamp and so on...

    "Network popularity", "live broadcasting", "million monthly income"... In this era of national live broadcasting, have you ever thought of becoming a beautiful anchor?

    In fact, the threshold of the live broadcasting industry is not high. In addition to daring to express yourself, you have to carry out a certain "beauty packaging" for yourself.

  • Beauty selfie ring light

  • How to beauty? It's not enough to have a beauty filter. You have to be able to shine!!! In the online popular live broadcast industry, the most frequently used live fill light is the "anchor beauty LED light ". The ring light with beauty fill light function can easily make the mature Royal sister become a dull and cute girl in seconds. The photography lamp introduced to you in this issue is a very popular anchor beauty selfie ring light in the live broadcasting industry and wedding shooting scenes.

  • FBelec anchor beauty selfie ring light. Why is this selfie ring light so popular? What are the characteristics? How does it work? The answers are all here! Speaking of the famous brands of anchor beauty selfie ring light, Ningbo FBelec should be regarded as a well-known company in the industry.

    After all, FBelec is a professional film and television equipment manufacturer with 20 years of experience, especially the R & D and production of photographic lamps. FBelec anchor selfie ring light is a new ring anchor best selfie ring light specially developed by FBelec to meet the photography needs of online live broadcast, beauty, wedding photography, self photography and beauty! We can used selfie ring light for iphone, desk and ourtdoor. 432 imported bright light beads are selected as the light source, with an output power of 48W. While providing bright and high display light source, it also has dual color temperature selection, and supports wireless remote control, dual power supply mode, a variety of auxiliary accessories, etc. In a word, selfie phone ring light with diversified functions and simple operation. After half a day's personal use, we have summarized the three characteristics of this lamp to help you more intuitively understand the performance of this lamp. broadcast studio lighting,Beauty Magnifying Lamps, Floor Rolling Stand Facial Beauty Spa Salon Light.

  • Considering that the users of anchor selfie led ring light are mostly women, in addition to ensuring the quality in the overall design, we should also take into account the simplicity and convenience in practical operation. Therefore, the portable operation functions such as wireless remote control, dual power supply, stepless dimming and general interface are all integrated in one. It is no exaggeration to say that it is available when it is opened, beautiful and within reach! It supports 2.4G wireless remote control regulation and can adjust the light brightness and color temperature within 30m. The addition of capacitive display makes the light distribution more intuitive and accurate, and the operation is very simple: press the adjustment knob twice to switch between brightness and color temperature modes, and the brightness or color temperature can be adjusted by rotation. The external high-grade soft light cover makes the bright light softer and more uniform, which is more suitable for beauty live broadcast, wedding makeup, self photographing and lighting.

    Through the real shooting experience, our summary to FBelec selfie phone ring light is that it is very easy to get started by taking into account quality, function and operation experience. In addition, it has excellent light effect of beauty, pupil and skin. Naturally, it is a necessary lighting equipment for webcast platform, beauty and makeup studio, wedding photography and beauty selfie.With its powerful function and convenient operability, can fully meet the lighting requirements of indoor still life shooting and video micro film recording, so as to greatly improve its market adaptability. magnifier lamp, beauty salon lamps, magnifying lamps, makeup-lamp.