• Piezo Elements By Shape

      Standard and Shapes

      FBelec Piezo is capable of manufacture piezo factors in diverse sizes and styles in keeping with your desired specifications. We provide a number trendy piezo shapes with several fashionable specifications, along with multilayer stack actuators, piezo discs, piezo bending strips, and piezo atomizers. If you do not discover anything that meets your needs, FBelec Piezo additionally has the potential to custom manufacture any shape to satisfy your defined specs. Our custom manufacturing competencies include piezo earrings, piezo tubes, and any complex piezo bimorphs or unimorphs. All preferred shapes also can be custom designed for your special specifications.

      At FBelec Piezo, our dedicated team of engineers is easily available to help with the layout, customization, and optimization of your requirements. We concentrate on huge production manufacturing and can obtain wellknown and custom specs value efficiently. FBelec Piezo manufactures a extensive variety of piezoelectric merchandise, both preferred and custom, equipped to ship around the globe. The programs of piezo elements is simply limitless, and FBelec Piezo is devoted to persevering with the exploration of piezoelectric capabilities by using turning in pinnacle of the road general and custom piezo element products.

      FBelec Piezo offers a wide range of piezo elements, from standard products to fully custom products. Our standard piezo elements are designed with several standard specifications, available as is or with any customizations needed to meet your requirements. Fully custom piezo elements are available upon request when required specifications are defined. Explore the full capabilities of FBelec Piezo standard and custom piezo elements below.

    • Door magnetic switches are mostly installed at home doors and windows.

      If necessary, we don't need to find someone. We can install them successfully by ourselves. First, buy the magnetic contacts and wipe the installation position of the Magnetic Switch Sensors; Secondly, use screws to fix the switch part and magnet part on the door and door frame respectively, and pay attention to the corresponding position; Finally, install the cover plates of the two parts. So far, the MAGNETIC ALARM CONTACTS has been successfully installed, if you need more information,please contact China manufacturer FBelec.

      Design method of Piezoceramic Discs or Plates:

      Generally speaking, the audio frequency range that the human ear can hear is about 20Hz to 20kHz. The audio frequencies most easily heard by humans are between 2kHz and 4kHz. Therefore, most piezoelectric sound-emitting elements are used in this audio frequency range. At the same time, the resonant frequency is generally selected within the same range. The resonance frequency depends on the method used to support the piezoelectric vibrating plate. Typically, piezoelectric vibrating plates are installed in resonant chambers to generate high sound pressures.

      This is the design method of FBelec, welcome to consult our engineer to get more information.

      The working principle of the Piezoelectric Ceramic Chips:

      The sound source of the sound element of the Piezo Ceramic Bimorph mainly comes from the piezoelectric vibration plate. The piezoelectric vibration plate consists of a piezoelectric ceramic plate with electrodes printed on both sides and a metal plate (brass or stainless steel, etc.). Using adhesive, the piezoelectric vibration plate and the metal sheet are bonded together, which is what we commonly call the buzzer sheet. Typically, piezoelectric vibrating plates are installed in resonant chambers to generate high sound pressure. Most buzzer chips in China are produced by FBelec, FBelec will always be your first choice