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      Reflective safety vest

      Reflective vest is used to form a very strong light reflection when the light is shining, which can stimulate the driver's visual nerve, remind people to pay attention to pedestrians ahead, drive carefully, and avoid accidents. Reflective vest is mainly applicable to police, road administration personnel, traffic commanders, road maintenance personnel, motorcycle and bicycle drivers, workers in dark light and other local workers who need light warning. The reflective vest body is made of mesh cloth or plain cloth, and the reflective material is reflective lattice or high brightness reflective cloth.

      FBelec mainly produces reflective vest, safety vest, reflective vest, safety vest and reflective vest. Focusing on the safety protection of reflective materials, we are committed to providing global consumers with better quality, stable quality and fashionable safety protection products.

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      Reflective vest for sanitation workers

      Reflective vests for environmental sanitation workers are generally fluorescent red or fluorescent yellow. Common styles include reflective vests with zippers and velcro reflective vests, which are convenient to wear, breathable, and do not burden users.

      Running Safety Vests

      Running Safety Vests

      This reflective material is made by using the principle of retro reflection of glass beads with high refractive index and through the advanced process of focusing and post-processing. It can reflect the distant direct light back to the luminous place, and has good retroreflective optical performance no matter in the day or night. Especially at night, it can display the same high visibility as during the day. The best safety vest made of this high visibility reflective material can be easily found by night drivers no matter whether the wearer is at a distant place or under the interference of light or scattered light

      Children Safety Vests

      Children Safety Vests

      The safety reflective vest for children is simply a safety vest specially designed for children. This vest is made of 120g low elastic silk fabric, which is light to wear, and the pullover design is convenient to put on and off. At the same time, 360 ° reflective strips are added at the front and back of the vest, which can serve as a reminder for vehicles coming from many directions, so that children are safer when they go to school or travel.

      Pet Safety Vests

      Pet Safety Vests

      The surface of the reflective vest for pets is pasted with bright reflective hot stickers or sewn reflective lattices, reflective strips of reflective cloth, etc. When exposed to light, it can generate retro reflection, so that drivers hundreds of meters away can see small animals, which can effectively avoid traffic accidents due to light problems at night, and help the owner find the location of the lost pet. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a reflective pet vest for pets.

      Customization Process

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      Why Choose FBelec Custom Safety Vests?

      1. FBelec multipurpose construction reflective vest has a reflective brightness of 500 meters. Each vehicle is equipped with two pieces. It is used for construction, road duty and night running. The construction reflective vest is waterproof, dust-proof and easy to wash and wear.

      2. FBELE vest surface reflective hot stickers, reflective lattices, reflective fabric reflective strips are high brightness reflective materials with high visibility, environmental protection, flame retardancy, good aging resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, washability and other characteristics.

      3. The FBELE vest adopts ZIPHOO reflective zippers , these reflective zippers not only provide security, but also a fashionable zipper. These zippers are reflective day and night to help keep you safe.

      The vest is made of high-quality low elastic silk fabric, which has good breathability, comfortable wearing, soft luster, beautiful and durable. Pet vest is beautiful and elegant in style, bright in color, and easy to wear. Pet clothing can be designed, printed, and produced according to requirements, so that pets can travel more safely and stylish.

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