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    Piezoelectric ceramics

    Piezoelectric ceramics is a functional ceramic material that can convert mechanical energy and electrical energy into each other. The so-called piezoelectric effect refers to that when some medium is subjected to mechanical pressure, even if the pressure is as small as acoustic vibration, it will produce compression or elongation and other shape changes, causing the surface of the medium to be charged. This is a positive piezoelectric effect. On the contrary, if the exciting electric field is applied, the medium will produce mechanical deformation, which is called inverse piezoelectric effect.

    Brass External Ceramic Piezo Transducer

    How it Works

    1. The principle of piezoelectric ceramics is that there is some tension when the pressure is applied on the ceramic chip, which leads to a charge with opposite polarity at its two ends. This is how it passes through the circuit and becomes a current.

    2. This effect is called piezoelectric effect. If this piezoelectric ceramic is made and the transducer is placed in water, the functional effect of sound wave will soon induce charges at both ends of us. This is the receiver of sound wave.

    3. In addition, the piezoelectric effect can reverse current. For example, if an alternating electric field is added to the piezoelectric ceramic plate, the ceramic plate will become thinner and thicker from time to time, and will also generate vibration and emit sound waves.


    1. The converter between sound converters is one of the most common internal situations. For example, some of our pickups, microphones, mobile phone earphones, buzzers, ultrasonic sounders and sonar materials can all use piezoelectric ceramics to make a beautiful sound converter.

    2. Another example is the buzzer on our children's toys. This is the sound that can be heard by our ears when our current vibrates through the inverse piezoelectric of piezoelectric ceramics.

    3. Piezoelectric ceramics can generate vibrations of different high and low frequencies through certain control of electronic circuits, so as to produce different sounds.

    4. For example, some of our electronic music greeting cards convert this AC audio electrical signal into a pleasant sound signal through the inverse piezoelectric effect.


    1,What are piezoelectric ceramics used for?

    Piezoelectric igniters, mobile X-ray power supplies and shell detonators can be manufactured by using the characteristics of piezoelectric ceramics to convert external forces into electrical energy. Using two piezoelectric ceramic columns with a diameter of 3 mm and a height of 5 mm to replace ordinary flints, a gas electronic lighter that can ignite tens of thousands of times continuously can be made. The piezoelectric ceramics can be used to convert electric energy into ultrasonic vibration, which can be used to explore the position and shape of underwater fish, carry out nondestructive flaw detection on metals, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic medical treatment, and can also be made into various ultrasonic cutters, welding devices and soldering irons, and process plastics and even metals.

    2,What are piezoelectric ceramic materials?

    It is divided into piezoelectric crystals and piezoelectric ceramics. Piezoelectric crystals generally refer to piezoelectric single crystals; Piezoelectric ceramics generally refer to piezoelectric polycrystals. Piezoelectric ceramics are polycrystals formed by mixing, molding and high-temperature sintering of raw materials with necessary components, and irregular aggregation of fine grains obtained from solid phase reaction between powders and sintering process. Piezoelectric ceramics are also ferroelectric ceramics. There are ferroelectric domains in the grains of this kind of ceramics. The ferroelectric domains are composed of 180 domains with opposite and parallel spontaneous polarization directions and 90 domains with mutually perpendicular spontaneous polarization directions. Under the premise of artificial polarization (applying enhanced DC electric field), these domains are fully arranged in the direction of the external electric field and maintain the residual polarization strength after the external electric field is revoked, so they have macro piezoelectricity. Such as: titanium barium BT, zirconium titanium lead PZT, modified zirconium titanium lead, lead metaniobium, niobium lead barium lithium PBLN, modified titanium lead PT, etc. The successful development of this material has improved the function of various piezoelectric components of acoustic transducers and piezoelectric sensors.

    3,How piezoelectric ceramic is made?

    1) The ingredients are processed before feeding. After removing impurities and moisture, it is necessary to use the formula proportion and various raw materials. Note that a small amount of additives should be placed in the middle of the large ingredients.

    2) The purpose of mixed grinding is to uniformly grind and then burn several raw materials to prepare for complete solid interaction. Generally, dry grinding and wet grinding are adopted.

    3) Small batches can also be dried. For these large batches, stirred ball milling and air flow grinding can be used. I believe this method is very efficient.

    4) And the purpose of this pre sintering is to make piezoelectric ceramics by phase reaction of raw materials at high temperature.

    Piezo Company FAQs

    1. What are some of Piezo Direct's specialties?

    Piezoelectric ceramic rings of various specifications can be widely used in flowmeter, medical beauty, stable product performance, air detection, ultrasonic cleaning, complete products, can be customized, according to customer requirements, the ball cap can be used in ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic medical beauty, air transducer。
    FBelec is a national enterprise that produces many kinds of sensitive elements and sensors, especially sensitive elements. There are more than 30 mature material formulas for underwater acoustic, electro acoustic, ultrasonic, metering, communication, detection, automatic control, ignition and detonation and other purposes. Every year, it provides tens of industries, hundreds of manufacturers and scientific research institutions with thousands of varieties of products, and provides high-quality products for the launch of China's maritime carrier rocket, the launch of Asia No. 1 communication satellite and other key projects.

    2. Can Piezo Direct provide me with custom assemblies?

    FBelec has been focusing on piezoelectric ceramics for 25 years. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and production of PZT piezoelectric ceramic transducers, ultrasonic cleaning tablets, and ceramic beauty films. It has advanced production equipment and testing facilities and strong technical force. It has independently researched and developed PZT4 third-generation ultrasonic cleaning tablets with unique formula. It can be customized according to customer needs, including size and frequency.

    3. How can I make Piezo Direct my piezoelectric supplier?

    There are four simple steps for its working principle:
    1. The customer provides parameter drawings or samples, and FBelec analyzes and quotes your piezoelectric ceramic components, and provides a preliminary plan.
    2. Make samples and test samples for customers. If they are not satisfied, continue to provide samples. Until the project is completed
    3. Organize production and provide bulk goods according to the samples passed the test and confirmed by both parties
    4. Continuous support, component upgrade and continuous cost reduction (if available).

  • dia 21.5mm 4.0KHZ frequency double side piezo element with braided wire


    FBelec has developed a new type of double-sided piezo element, including piezoelectric vibrating plate and sound film. A first power lead is welded on the metal plate part of the piezoelectric vibrating plate, and a short circuit is provided on one side of the piezoelectric vibrating plate. A copper sheet, the short-circuiting copper sheet includes a connecting portion provided with a mounting hole, a first crimping portion and a second crimping portion extending outward from one side of the connecting portion, and the first crimping portion and the second crimping portion The outer ends of the crimping part are respectively welded on the silver electrodes of the piezoelectric ceramic plate part on the corresponding side of the piezoelectric vibration plate, and the second power lead is welded on the connecting part. It solves the problem of "reducing the double-sided buzzing" It has a series of advantages such as low product failure rate, good product structure stability and long product service life.Best Piezo Round Bimorph in China.

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  • dia 23.5mm 2.7KHZ frequency double side piezo element with braided wire


    Fabrication method of piezoelectric bimorph: piezoelectric diaphragms is an electronic product that uses the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics to work and sound. It has the advantages of low power consumption, low cost, high reliability, anti bad working environment and less vulnerable to electromagnetic interference. It is widely used in the fields of household appliances, mechanical equipment, automobile anti-theft, home security and so on. The structure of piezoelectric buzzer sheet is to paste piezoelectric ceramic sheet on metal substrate (generally copper sheet or stainless steel sheet), and silver paste is printed on both sides of piezo disc as electrode material. When the high-frequency AC signal is loaded on the buzzer, the piezoelectric ceramic sheet produces the corresponding regular geometric deformation due to the piezoelectric effect, which drives the metal substrate to vibrate and produce sound

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  • dia 27mm 2.7KHZ frequency double side piezo element with braided wire


    How to turn the piezo UNIMORPH to the maximum? piezoelectric plate is not about dB, but about frequency. There are several types of 35 copper chips. If the frequency of the acoustic element is consistent with the frequency required by your product, the sound will be louder. It can be said that you can play its performance only by taking your seat according to the number! The sound of the alarm mainly depends on the matching of inductance and Piezo Benders, and is considered from the aspects of inductance, capacity and frequency In addition, the colloid cover of the horn is also the key. The copper sheet used for Piezoelectric Ceramic Chips is divided into thick sheet and thin sheet. The sound of thick film will be thicker, and the sound of thin film will be sharper! So aside from other factors, it is meaningless to say the volume of Piezo-Electric Diaphragm alone!

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  • 27mm 3.9KHZ brass piezo ceramic element with wire and connector


    soldering method of Piezo Benders: As we all know, the piezoelectric ceramic plate can be welded. Let's summarize the welding method of the unimorph piezoelectric membrane. First, you need to apply a voltage to the Piezo-Electric Diaphragm using a wire. If using a soldering iron, the best temperature for soldering the wires to the sheet metal is 300°C for a few seconds.For ceramic electrodes, the same temperature value should be used, and the time should be 0.5 seconds or Shorter. The wire used should be as thin as possible, such as AWG32, because its function is to limit oscillation as the load of the piezoelectric ceramic . Secondly, the solder joint on the ceramic electrode should be as small as possible, and a thinner solder wire can be used, because more solder acts as the load of the piezoelectric ceramic buzzer, which will also affect the oscillation. FBelec's welding technology is unanimously recognized in the industry.

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  • 31.8mm 3.2KHZ frequency green piezo element with red/black wire


    About the three-pin boost inductance of the Piezo buzzer DiaphragmThe driving circuit of the piezoelectric ceramic buzzer is only 3V because it uses a button battery, and a three-pin boost inductor is used. The driving waveform is a 5.1Kz square waveThe questions as below: 1. What principles should the boost inductor work follow to design? Is it according to resonance?2. The parameters currently selected for the boost inductor. The driving current is fast 30mA during operation, and the button battery can not stand it. Is there any basis for parameter design? The number ratio of front and rear? Inductance ratio? Secondary inductance value?If you want to get the answer, please contact the engineers of FBelec

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  • 35mm brass piezo ceramic element with 48mm PVC

    FT-35-3.0A1 with PVC

    How about the quality of the piezo element with PVC Diaphragm? FBelec supplies 35mm copper piezoelectric diaphragms pasted with 47mm PVC film welding wire, Piezo Ceramic Generator, tram alarm piece, high temperature resistant material or ordinary material, which can be made into conical or flat film. The length of welding wire can be customized, and the color of wire can be various colors, including red, blue, black, yellow, etc. Piezo Ceramic Bimorph can also be self excited or other excited. Glue dispensing at the welding position can prevent the welding wire from falling off! Quality assurance! If necessary, you can also apply green oil on the surface of the Piezo-Electric Diaphragm to prevent the oxidation of the piezo UNIMORPH after a long time and affect the use!

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  • 35mm green internal piezo element with wire and connector


    The working principle of the Piezoelectric Ceramic Chips:The sound source of the sound element of the Piezo Ceramic Bimorph mainly comes from the piezoelectric vibration plate. The piezoelectric vibration plate consists of a piezoelectric ceramic plate with electrodes printed on both sides and a metal plate (brass or stainless steel, etc.). Using adhesive, the piezoelectric vibration plate and the metal sheet are bonded together, which is what we commonly call the buzzer sheet. Typically, piezoelectric vibrating plates are installed in resonant chambers to generate high sound pressure. Most buzzer chips in China are produced by FBelec, FBelec will always be your first choice

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  • dia 31.8mm green double side piezo element with 42mm diaphragm


    Sound capability of piezoelectric elements: Piezoelectric buzzer is designed to enable product manufacturers to produce sound in their own shell and shell design, FBelec has special professional knowledge and more than 20 years of production experience in the production of piezoelectric components, ranging from 10mm size for sensors to very large units for alarms. The specially formulated piezoelectric ceramic disc is suitable for various base disc materials to adapt to most applications. Piezoelectric disc is a low-cost and low-power solution, which can produce good sound output in specific medium and high frequency band. When combined with a plastic cone or layered in a bimorph structure, the piezoelectric sheet can become a very powerful sound generator. Our catalogue of special piezoelectric components contains more information about piezoelectric components and piezoelectric technology. For more information, please contact the technical and sales personnel of FBelec!

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