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ID Card swipe password access control system


12V 5A Password + swipe card 500 PCS

ID Card swipe password access control system

DIY RFID Access Control System


12V 5A Password + swipe card 500 PCS

DIY RFID Access Control System

Password swipe card access control machine


12V 5A Password + swipe card 500 PCS

Password swipe card access control machine

RFID Access Control System

  • New 125kHz DIY RFID Access Control System Kit + power control + RFID reader password keyboard

    How to classify the access control system, DIY access control system or RFID Access controller:

    Classification by identification method:

    1. Password identification

    The access authority is identified by checking whether the input password is correct.

    This kind of products are divided into two categories: one is ordinary type and the other is disorderly keyboard type (the numbers on the keyboard are not fixed and change automatically from time to time).

    (1) ordinary type:

    Advantages: convenient operation, no need to carry cards; Low cost.

    Disadvantages: it can only accommodate three groups of passwords at the same time, which is easy to leak and has poor security; No access records; Only one-way control.

    (2) disordered keyboard type (the numbers on the keyboard are not fixed and change automatically from time to time):

    Advantages: convenient operation, no need to carry cards, slightly higher safety factor

    Disadvantages: the password is easy to leak, and the security is still not high; No access records; Only one-way control. High cost.

    2. Card identification

    The DIY access control authority is identified by card reading or card reading plus password, which is divided into: 

    Magnetic card Advantages: low cost; One card for one person (+ password), generally safe, can be connected with microcomputer, and there is door opening record

    Disadvantages: the card and equipment are worn, and the service life is short; The card is easy to copy; It is not easy to control in both directions. Card information is easily lost due to external magnetic field, making the card invalid.

    3. RF card

    Advantages: card, no contact with equipment, convenient and safe door opening; Long service life, with theoretical data of at least ten years; High security, can be connected with microcomputer, with door opening record; Bidirectional control can be realized. Cards are difficult to copy

    Disadvantages: high cost

    4. Biometrics

    Access is identified by means of biometrics of inspectors. There are fingerprint type, iris type and face recognition type.

    Advantages: excellent security from the perspective of identification; No card required

    Disadvantages: high cost. The recognition rate is not high, the requirements for the environment are high, the requirements for users are high (for example, fingerprints can not be scratched, eyes can not be red, swollen and bleeding, there can be no injury on the face, or the number of beard), and the use is inconvenient (for example, iris type and face recognition type, the installation height and position are fixed, but the height of users are different)

    It is worth noting that most people think that the biometric access control system is very safe. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The security of the access control system is not only the security of the identification method, but also the security of the control system, the software system, the communication system and the power supply system. The whole system is a whole. If it fails, the whole system is not safe. For example, in some fingerprint access control systems, the controller and fingerprint identification instrument are integrated, and they should be installed outdoors. In this way, the line controlling the lock switch is exposed outdoors and can be easily opened.

    Classification according to design principle

    1. All in one machine (controller with card reader)

    The defect of this design is that the controller must be installed outside the door, so some control lines must be exposed outside the door, and the expert can easily open the door without card or password.

    2. Separation of controller and card reader (recognizer)

    This kind of system controller is installed indoors, only the input line of the card reader is exposed outdoors, all other control lines are indoors, and the card reader transmits digital signals. Therefore, no one can enter the door without a valid card or password. This type of system should be the user's first choice.

    Classification by communication mode

    1. Non networked access control, i.e. stand-alone control access control, is that one machine manages one door. It can not be controlled by computer software, nor can records be seen, and it can be controlled directly through the controller. It is characterized by low price, simple installation and maintenance, and can not view records. It is not suitable for places where the number of people is more than 50 or where people often flow (referring to the frequent entry and resignation of people), nor for projects with the number of doors more than 5.

    2. 485 network access control refers to the access control type that can communicate with the computer. It can be directly managed by software, including card and event control. Therefore, it has the advantages of convenient management, centralized control, viewing records, analyzing and processing records for other purposes. It is characterized by high price and increased installation and maintenance, but the training is simple and can carry out value-added services such as attendance. It is suitable for projects with many people, large mobility and many doors.

    3. TCP / IP network access control, also known as Ethernet network access control, is also a networked access control system, but the computer and controller are networked through the network cable. In addition to all the advantages of 485 access control networking, it also has faster speed, simpler installation and larger number of networking. It can be networked across regions or cities. However, the price of equipment is high and computer network knowledge is required. It is suitable for installation in large projects, large number of people, speed requirements and cross regional projects.

    System composition editing and broadcasting

    1. Access controller

    The core part of the access control system is equivalent to the CPU of the computer. It is responsible for the processing, storage and control of the input and output information of the whole system.

    2. Card reader (identifier)

    A device that reads data (biometric information) from a card.

    3. Electric lock

    The actuating part for locking the door in the access control system. Users should select different locks according to the door materials, exit requirements and other needs. There are mainly the following types:

    (1) Electromagnetic lock: the electromagnetic lock opens the door after power failure, which meets the fire protection requirements. And equipped with a variety of mounting racks for customers to use. The lock is suitable for one-way wooden doors, glass doors, fire doors and opposite electric doors.

    (2) Anode lock: the anode lock is a power-off door opening type, which meets the fire protection requirements. It is installed on the upper part of the door frame. Different from the electromagnetic lock, the anode lock is suitable for two-way wooden doors, glass doors and fire doors, and it has a door magnetic detector, which can detect the safety state of the door at any time.

    (3) Cathode lock: the general cathode lock is powered on and open door type. Applicable to one-way wooden door. UPS power supply must be provided when installing cathode lock. Because the female lock locks the door when there is a power failure.

    4. Card

    The key to the door. You can print the cardholder's personal photo on the card, and the door opening card and chest card are combined into one.

    5. Other equipment

    Exit button: press the device to open the door once, which is applicable to the situation of unlimited exit.

    Door magnet: used to detect the safety / switching state of the door, etc.

    Power supply: the power supply equipment of the whole system is divided into ordinary type and backup type (with battery).

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