• What is piezoelectric ceramics or piezo rings?

    Piezoelectric ceramics or piezo ring is a kind of information functional ceramic material that can convert mechanical energy and electrical energy into each other - piezoelectric effect. In addition to piezoelectricity, piezoelectric ceramics also have dielectric properties, elasticity and so on. Piezoelectric ceramics have been widely used in medical imaging, acoustic sensors, acoustic transducers, ultrasonic motors and so on.

    Piezoelectric ceramics are made by using the relative displacement of the internal positive and negative charge centers caused by mechanical stress, resulting in the binding charges with opposite symbols on the surfaces of both ends of the material, that is, piezoelectric effect. They have sensitive characteristics. Piezoelectric ceramics or piezo ceramic are mainly used to manufacture ultrasonic transducers, underwater acoustic transducers, electroacoustic transducers, ceramic filters, ceramic transformers, ceramic frequency discriminators, high-voltage generators, infrared detectors In addition to being used in high-tech fields, surface acoustic wave devices, electro-optic devices, ignition devices and piezoelectric gyroscopes are more about serving people in daily life and creating a better life for people.

  • Material composition of piezoelectric ceramic ring or ring piezo, piezoelectric

    Commonly used piezoelectric ceramics include barium titanate system, lead zirconate titanate binary system and the ternary system composed of Pb (mn1/3nb2/3) O3 and Pb (co1/3nb2/3) O3 by adding a third ABO3 (a represents divalent metal ions, B represents tetravalent metal ions or the sum of several ions is positive tetravalent) compound to the binary system. If a fourth or more compounds are added to the ternary system, the Quaternary or multivariate piezoelectric ceramics can be formed. In addition, there are also metaniobate piezoelectric ceramics, such as potassium sodium metaniobate (na0.5 · K0.5 · NbO3) and strontium barium metaniobate (Bax · sr1-x · Nb2O5), which do not contain toxic lead and are beneficial to environmental protection.

    Main uses of piezoelectric ceramic sheets or piezoceramic

    1. Sound converter sound converter is one of the most common applications. Piezoelectric ceramics can be used as sound converters for pickups, microphones, headphones, buzzers, ultrasonic depth detectors, sonars, and ultrasonic flaw detectors of materials. For example, the buzzer on children's toys is a sound that can be heard by human ears when the current vibrates through the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics. Through the control of electronic circuits, piezoelectric ceramics can produce different frequencies of vibration, thus emitting a variety of different sounds. For example, electronic music greeting cards convert AC audio electrical signals into sound signals through the inverse piezoelectric effect.

    2. Since the British invented the tank in the first World War and used it in the battle of the Somme River in France for the first time, which severely damaged the German army, tanks have shown their talents in many battles. However, in the 1960s and 1970s, due to the invention of anti tank weapons, tanks lost their former glory. The armor piercing projectile fired by the anti tank gun will immediately explode and shatter the tank when it contacts the tank. This is because the warhead is equipped with piezoelectric ceramics, which can transform the strong mechanical force during collision into an instantaneous high voltage, and spark to ignite explosives.

    3. Piezoelectric lighter a new type of electronic lighter used on gas stove is made of piezoelectric ceramics. As long as you press the ignition button with your fingers, the piezoelectric ceramics on the lighter can produce high voltage, form electric sparks and ignite gas, which can be used for a long time. Therefore, the piezoelectric lighter is not only convenient to use, safe and reliable, but also has a long service life. For example, a lighter made of titanium lead acid piezoelectric ceramics can be used more than 1million times.

    4. Anti nuclear goggles after the nuclear tester wears goggles made of transparent piezoelectric ceramics, when the light radiation produced by the nuclear explosion reaches a dangerous level, the piezoelectric ceramics in the goggles will turn it into instantaneous high voltage. In 1/1000 s, the light intensity can be reduced to only 1/10000, and when the dangerous light disappears, it can return to the original state. This kind of goggles is simple in structure and weighs only dozens of grams. It is very convenient to carry when installed on the nuclear protective helmet.

    5. Ultrasonic transducer is suitable for ultrasonic welding equipment and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. It is mainly made of high-power transmitting piezoelectric ceramics. Ultrasonic transducer is a device that can convert high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical energy. As an energy converter, its function is to convert the input electrical power into mechanical power (i.e. ultrasonic) and then transmit it, and it consumes a small part of power itself.

    6.Sonar in naval warfare, the most difficult to deal with is the submarine, which can dive under the sea for a long time, and sneak attacks on ports and ships unconsciously, causing great headaches to the enemy. How to find enemy submarines? It's not good to rely on eyes or radar, because electromagnetic waves will decay rapidly in the sea and can't transmit signals effectively. Sonar - Underwater ears are used to detect submarines. Piezoelectric ceramics is the material used to make sonar. It sends out ultrasonic waves, which will be reflected back when encountering submarines. After being received and processed, the orientation and distance of enemy submarines can be measured.

piezoelectric ceramics - piezo rings