• Installing a cigarette lighter

    The purpose of lighting cigarettes is certain. Originally, the manufacturer was to make it easier for people in the car to light cigarettes without a lighter.

    The device can be charged, and the DC power supply on the cigarette lighter can be used to charge the dash cam.

    To charge the mobile phone, you can charge the mobile phone, and you can also charge the mobile phone in the state of flameout. These accessories are specially designed for the use of cigarette lighter sockets .

    For example, map reading lights, inspection lights, car vacuum cleaners, and personal cooling fans. All of these just need to be plugged into the lighter socket. You may want to install such a lighter and only need to power these accessories.

    Another advantage of installing cigarette lighter is that it can reduce the number of holes drilled in the instrument panel or center console for installing accessories, because many different accessories can flow out of the same cigarette lighter socket.

    Assembly method

    In many cars, if the lighter is not included in the standard accessories, you are likely to find that there is already a hole in the dashboard to install the lighter.

    You may find that the hole has been blocked by a plug. In order to install cigarette lighter, all you need to do is pry out the plug and install the lighter in place - the necessary wiring of the lighter is usually built into the back of the hole.

    However, old cars may not have a special hole for lighters. In this case, you must make holes on the instrument panel or center console, install the cigarette lighter socket and connect the wires.


    You will find all kinds of after-sales lighters in auto parts stores. One thing to note when buying lighters is that some lighters have a built-in light, usually with a small ring around the base of the lighter. You may find this useful in the dark, especially when you install a lighter in the rear passenger compartment. Otherwise, there is little choice between different after-sales lighters.

    There are many brands of cigarette lighter. Among them, fbelec car charger manufacturer, with 12 years of experience in R & D and manufacturing of car charger, is a fashionable brand of car charger.

  • Hook up a cigarette lighter in a car

  • How to hook up a cigarette lighter in a car
    1. Positioning

    If there is no ready-made hole, please find a suitable position on the instrument panel or center console. Make sure that the lighter unit does not obstruct anything when installed. It is best to find a position in the center of the instrument panel so that both drivers and passengers can easily access it.

    2. Scribe

    Cover the selected area with masking tape to protect the surface. Use a pair of compasses to draw a circle slightly smaller than the diameter of the lighter socket on the tape. This is to ensure a close fit between you and the lighter.

    3. Opening

    First, drill a guide hole in the center of the marked circle. Use a slightly larger drill bit to open the hole further. Continue this process until the hole is the same size as the circle. If you don't have a big enough drill to drill the hole completely, use a rat tail file to open the hole.

    4. Install socket

    Remove the masking tape from the instrument panel or center console. Remove the lighter element and housing from the socket body. Insert the socket into the hole from the front of the instrument panel. Make sure that the decorative ring (if installed) is under the socket head. If necessary, open the hole a little more with a file.

    5. Fixed socket

    When working behind the instrument panel or under the console, feed the housing or threaded ring upward into the socket body. Screw the housing to the back of the socket. Tighten the housing to the socket to ensure that it is tight and does not loosen, resulting in a short circuit.

    6. Wiring

    For safety, disconnect the battery. Connect a wire from the permanent live feeder to the central terminal on the socket. Install the series fuse to this wire (35 amps). Connect a wire to the grounding terminal on the housing and connect it to a convenient point on the body. Reconnect the battery and test the cigarette lighter.

  • As the power intake, the cigarette lighter should consider the circuit safety issues involved, the correct use of the cigarette lighter and precautions:

    1. Don't overload charging with cigarette lighter: mobile phones, driving recorders, car vacuum cleaners and other devices are increasingly used. Many car owners will buy car chargers with multiple connectors or use inverters. At this time, pay attention not to overload.

    2. Avoid using on-board products with poor quality: due to the limited power of the cigarette lighter jack, we should pay attention to the quality of on-board electrical appliances when using external equipment. If we buy some cheap and unprotected electrical equipment, it is likely to harm the car's circuit system, burn the fuse, and even cause damage to the car's circuit system.

    3.Exposed cigarette lighter socket is easy to be short circuited: the cigarette lighter socket should not be exposed for a long time, otherwise it is easy to have poor contact, failure or short circuit due to the entry of foreign matters.