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AI driverless intelligent vision car Scratch/Python programming artificial intelligence display platform


AI driverless intelligent vision car Scratch/Python programming artificial intelligence display platform

AixArm robotic arm/intelligent sorting platform Ai educational robot Scratch Python programming


AixArm robotic arm/intelligent sorting platform Ai educational robot Scratch Python programming

microbit smart car kit/AI visual line patrol robot face recognition/color tracking


microbit smart car kit/AI visual line patrol robot face recognition/color tracking

Artificial Intelligence

  • Arduino Artificial Intelligence 

    Artificial intelligence garbage collection

    Mixing recyclable garbage with non recyclable garbage is not only a waste of reusable resources, but also a great harm to the environment Nowadays, environmental problems have attracted extensive attention. Many people have the awareness of garbage classification, and the garbage bins on the street are usually recyclable and non recyclable, but people still can't classify garbage correctly Therefore, it is very important to make garbage classification intelligent

    Intelligent remote control epidemic prevention robot

    Design and manufacture of WiFi intelligent remote control epidemic prevention robot based on Arduino. The robot is mainly composed of vehicle body, Arduino control board, power module, motor drive module, Internet of things module, etc. The transmission of signals and data between mobile app and Arduino control board is realized through Bluetooth module, which can realize the functions of attendance, temperature measurement, anti epidemic medicine spraying and so on in car remote control mode, tracking mode, obstacle avoidance mode and path planning mode.

    Intelligent Bluetooth tracing car

    The intelligent Bluetooth tracing car has two working modes: mobile phone control and independent tracing. The upper computer of the project, namely Android mobile app, is developed online by Google appinventor. Appinventor has the characteristics of low threshold and easy development. It adopts the block patchwork programming method, which can quickly develop and implement apps based on Android phones. It is especially suitable for people who lack experience in Java language programming and Android development. The car of the project is connected to the mobile phone through Bluetooth, and the working mode of the smart car can be switched through the mobile phone, which is convenient and practical. You can also continue to add other functions on the basis of this project, such as obstacle avoidance and visual function. You can consider using ZigBee instead of Bluetooth communication.

    AI robot:

    The definition of artificial intelligence can be divided into two parts, namely "artificial" and "intelligence". "Artificial" is easy to understand and not controversial. Sometimes we have to consider what can be made by human beings, or whether people's own intelligence is high enough to create artificial intelligence, and so on. But generally speaking, "artificial system" is an artificial system in the usual sense.

    There are many questions about what is "intelligence". This involves other issues such as consciousness, self, mind (including unconsciousness_mind), etc. It is generally accepted that the only intelligence that people understand is their own intelligence. However, our understanding of our own intelligence is very limited, and our understanding of the necessary elements of adult intelligence is also limited, so it is difficult to define what is "artificial" intelligence. Therefore, the research of artificial intelligence often involves the research of human intelligence itself. Other intelligence about animals or other man-made systems is also generally regarded as a research topic related to artificial intelligence.

    Artificial intelligence has been paid more and more attention in the field of computer. It has been applied in robot, economic and political decision-making, control system and simulation system.

    Professor Nelson defines artificial intelligence as follows: "artificial intelligence is a subject about knowledge - the science of how to express knowledge and how to obtain and use knowledge." Another professor Winston of the Massachusetts Institute of technology in the United States said: "artificial intelligence is to study how to make computers do intelligent work that only talents could do in the past." These statements reflect the basic idea and content of artificial intelligence. That is, artificial intelligence is to study the law of human intelligent activities, construct an artificial system with certain intelligence, and study how to let the computer complete the work that needed human intelligence in the past, that is, to study the basic theory, method and technology of how to use computer software and hardware to simulate some human intelligent behavior.

    Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science. Since the 1970s, it has been known as one of the three cutting-edge technologies in the world (space technology, energy technology and artificial intelligence). It is also considered to be one of the three cutting-edge technologies (genetic engineering, nanoscience and artificial intelligence) in the 21st century. This is because it has achieved rapid development in recent 30 years, has been widely used in many subject fields, and has achieved fruitful results. Artificial intelligence has gradually become an independent branch, and has become a system in theory and practice.

    Artificial intelligence is a subject that studies the computer to simulate some human thinking processes and intelligent behaviors (such as learning, reasoning, thinking, planning, etc.), mainly including the principle of computer realizing intelligence, manufacturing computers similar to human brain intelligence, so that computers can realize higher-level applications. Artificial intelligence will involve computer science, psychology, philosophy and linguistics. It can be said that almost all disciplines of natural science and social science have far exceeded the scope of computer science. The relationship between artificial intelligence and thinking science is the relationship between practice and theory. Artificial intelligence is at the technical application level of thinking science and an application branch of it. From the perspective of thinking, artificial intelligence is not limited to logical thinking. Only by considering image thinking and inspiration thinking can we promote the breakthrough development of artificial intelligence. Mathematics is often regarded as the basic science of many disciplines. Mathematics also enters the field of language and thinking. The discipline of artificial intelligence must also borrow mathematical tools. Mathematics not only plays a role in the scope of standard logic and fuzzy mathematics, When mathematics enters the discipline of artificial intelligence, they will promote each other and develop faster.

    application area:

    Machine translation, intelligent control, expert system, robotics, language and image understanding, genetic programming, robot factory, automatic programming, aerospace applications, huge information processing, storage and management, performing complex or large-scale tasks that synthetic organisms cannot perform, and so on.

    It is worth mentioning that machine translation is an important branch and the first application field of artificial intelligence. However, judging from the achievements of machine translation, the translation quality of machine translation system is still far from the ultimate goal; The quality of machine translation is the key to the success of machine translation system. Professor Zhou Haizhong, a Chinese mathematician and linguist, once pointed out in his paper "fifty years of machine translation": to improve the quality of machine translation, the first thing to solve is the problem of language itself rather than programming; It is certainly impossible to improve the quality of machine translation by relying on several programs alone; In addition, it is impossible for machine translation to achieve the degree of "faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance" when human beings have not yet understood how the brain performs fuzzy recognition and logical judgment of language. After smart home, artificial intelligence has become a new outlet in the home appliance industry, and FBelec has set off a wave.


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