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23*19mm 12v Piezo Audio Indicator with wire

Piezo Buzzer FBPB2319L
Size: 23*19   

Rated Voltag (V): 12   

Operating Voltage (V): 3~24   

Current Consumption (mA): ≤15   

SPL (dB): ≥88@10cm   

Resonant Frequency (Hz): 3300±500   

Description: 23*19mm 12v Piezo Audio Indicator with wire   

23*19mm 12v Piezo Audio Indicator with wire
  • FBPB2319L
  • How to connect the buzzers? Let's introduce the general wiring method. 1. First, confirm the positive and negative of the Piezo-type buzzer's. Generally, the long foot of the active buzzer is positive and the short foot is negative. The voltage limit of the buzzer. The general piezoelectric sounder selects the DC power supply voltage of 1.5,3v, 5V and 12V. Self Drive buzzers generally do not have long and short legs, and there is no difference between positive and negative poles. They can be wired arbitrarily, but they must have a drive board to make sound, not directly. 2. The sound of Piezoelectric ringers is mainly related to parameters, including high dB and low dB. Generally speaking, the larger the size of the Piezoelectric Alarm Beeper, the louder the sound.


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