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Wholesale Waterproof Micro Switch IP67 Series MAE Microswitch with/without Lever

Micro Switch MSW-02B
Description: Wholesale Waterproof Micro Switch IP67 Series MAE Microswitch with/without Lever   

Insulation Resistance: 500VDC 100mΩ min.   

Contact Resistance: 30mΩ max.   

Rating: 10A 125VAC;5A 250VAC   

Electrial Life: 10000 Cycles   

Wholesale Waterproof Micro Switch IP67 Series MAE Microswitch with/without Lever
  • MSW-02B
  • FBelec is one of the top wholesale as weatherproof switch manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in China. We are also focusing on improving the item management and QC procedures in order to maintain a competitive advantage in the fiercely competitive small business for Micro Switch, Push Button Door Switch.

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  • How should the micro switch be maintained?

    Because the micro switch is small and highly sensitive, avoid squeezing it too hard during daily maintenance. Because the principle is the same whether it is a control button on a precision instrument or a button on a simple large machine, and the sensitivity is very high. If it is used, it is used to vigorously press and squeeze, or it is stored on a daily basis. Being squeezed reduces the sensitivity of one's own induction, while people also cause disgust in production and life. As a result, it will have a significant impact on the lives of people.

    The switch should consider not only daily use, but also daily storage. Many large machines should also be kept dry when not in use to keep the switch from deteriorating and jamming. Because of the switch's criticality, safety must be checked on a regular basis. It is referred to as a blanket function because many switches are internally connected to the entire circuit system or other control systems. When triggered, the entire body moves, so lightly touch it to open it.

    The micro switch must be maintained and tested on a regular basis to prevent quality issues from interfering with normal production work and resulting in losses when production is required. The switch's detection method is also very simple. Simply touch it lightly to feel the click and the sensitivity of the response. People can feel the ease of operation whether the switch is large or small.

    Many micro switch materials have the effect of preventing dust and electricity, and they must be carefully maintained during daily use. Because this affected not only the normal production problem, but also the production safety. This has resulted in hidden threats to personal and property safety, so it appears to be critical. To prevent many hidden dangers in manufacturing, people can begin with the switch, which is an electrical insulation material.

    As a result, during routine maintenance and inspection, people pay close attention to whether the micro switch has become fragile or deteriorated due to time aging, or if it has decreased sensitivity, cracked, or has other quality issues. 

    Quality issues cannot occur because the switch's role is critical.

    Switches are widely used in a wide range of household appliances, electronic equipment, automation equipment, communication equipment, automotive electronics, power tools, and other fields.


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