The function and installation of the Siren&Alarm
  • What is the function of the sound and light alarm ?

    It is a Audible Alarms device . When a fire occurs on the scene and it is confirmed clearly, the light alarm will be automatically turned on, and the group will send out a strong sound and light alarm signal, so as to remind the scene personnel to pay attention to the fire and quickly escape. It can also form an alarm system with high anti-theft performance with the door sensor and infrared detector in the home. When the door sensor or infrared detector senses illegal intrusion by outsiders, the sound and light alarm will automatically send out a high decibel alarm. And it will keep flashing strong light, reminding the owner or the surrounding owners to be careful, and at the same time scare away the thief.

  • The installation and use of sound and light piezo alarms need to pay attention to what aspects

    1. In daily life, the sound and light alarm must be regularly maintained and maintained to avoid damage to the sound and light alarm. For this reason, the use of the sound and light alarm must be checked regularly. If the sound and light alarm is found If there is an abnormality, it needs to be dealt with according to the actual situation, so as to ensure that the sound and light alarm can be used normally.

    2. When the Piezo Alarm Sounder is connected to the power supply, the cross-sectional area of the wire connected to the power supply should generally not be less than one meter. After the power is turned on, the DC input power supply and the AC input power supply cannot be reversed, nor can the piezoelectric alarm be connected to the line with the power supply of 24 volts or 220 volts at the same time, otherwise the sound and light alarm will easily appear damage.

    3. After the EXTRA-LOUD MINI PIEZO SIREN is connected, the wire must be locked and tightened, so as to prevent rainwater from infiltrating into the interior, resulting in damage to the sound and light alarm and unable to work normally. In order to ensure that the maintenance personnel can facilitate maintenance and maintenance, it is best not to install the Piezo Alarm Siren too high, - generally, it can be installed at a position about 1.8 meters away from the ground.

    The above is what FBelec introduced to you today about the role of piezoelectric alarm and the aspects that need to be paid attention to in the installation and use of sound and light alarms. I hope it can help you answer your doubts. If you want to know more relevant information , you can contact us, Tel/WeChat 18868647636


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