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What is WIFI module
  • The function of the WIFI module interface is to convert the serial port data into wireless network data, so that the serial port device can be connected to the wireless network. The commonly used communication interfaces of WiFi modules generally include these types: UART interface, SPI interface, I2C interface, I2S interface, SDIO interface, USB interface, RGMII interface, RMII interface, etc.

  • UART interface UART interface is a general asynchronous serial interface, which completes two-way communication according to the standard baud rate, and the transmission speed is relatively slow. The UART bus is an asynchronous serial port, so it is generally more complex than the first two synchronous serial ports. Generally, it consists of a baud rate generator (the generated baud rate is equal to 16 times the transmission baud rate), a UART receiver, and a UART transmitter. It consists of two wires on the hardware, one for sending and one for receiving. Using UART interface, the Wireless Modules module /Wireless Module/Bluetooth Wi-Fi Module supports serial transparent data transmission mode and has multi-mode security capabilities. Built-in TCP/IP protocol stack and IEEE802.11 protocol stack, which can realize the conversion between user serial port and wireless network

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