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alto-falante bluetooth sem fio pequeno jardim impermeável ao ar livre

Alto-falante de jardim FBGS-01



alto-falante bluetooth sem fio pequeno jardim impermeável ao ar livre




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  • FBGS-01
  • Wireless Outdoor Speakers installation "five steps"

    The first step is to measure the base size of the garden speaker, mainly its fixed hole size and base area size. Different acoustics vary in size. Now, there are also various forms of grassland acoustics, some hidden by the lamp holder, some hidden in the grass, some incarnated as a stool standing next to you, and you may not know it. Before installing the lawn sound, measure the size according to the sound we choose, and pave the way for the later design and fixation.

    The second step is to make a cement base according to the speaker base, and leave a fixing hole on the cement base. Because the grassland sound must withstand the wind, the sun and the rain. Therefore, there must be a cement base, which not only protects the grassland sound, but also protects the safety of pedestrians. According to the size measured in the first step, make the corresponding cement base. Remember to leave a fixing hole on the base in order to better fix the lawn sound.

    The third step is to fix the Rock Bluetooth Garden Speakers on the cement base. One radish is a pit. If the grassland stereo is embedded, you have to dig the pit well. Don't dig too large or too small. Dig a slightly larger pit according to the measurement results of the first step to better fix the base and the stereo.

    The fourth step is to fix the Outdoor Landscape Speaker on the cement base. According to the data of the previous steps, fix the stereo firmly on the cement seat.

    The fifth step is to put the cement base of the fixed park speaker into the dug pit and fill it with soil.

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