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21mm 8ohm 0.5w alto-falante de brinquedo

Alto-falante Mylar FBF21-1

21mm x 7mm


21mm 8ohm 0.5w alto-falante de brinquedo

Voice Coil Imp:


Sound Pressure Level:


Resonat Frequency:


Frequeney Range:

fo-20000 Hz

Noise Power:


Magnet Size and Assembly:

16mm Ferrite

  • FBF21-1
  • Characteristics of mylar speaker: (1) The toy speaker has two terminals (two leads). When a single horn is used, the two pins are not divided into positive and negative polarity. When multiple horns are used at the same time, the two pins are divided into polarity. (2) The Mylar Cone Speaker has a paper basin. Its color is usually black or white. (3) The shapes of miniature speakers include round, square and oval. (4) The back of the toy Round Mylar Cone Intercom Speaker paper basin is a magnet. When the external magnetic horn contacts the magnet with a metal screwdriver, it will feel the existence of magnetism; There is no such feeling in the internal magnetic horn, but there is a magnet inside the shell. (5) The Mylar Membrane Speaker is installed on the machine panel or in the movement.


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