Ainda haverá escassez de CI em 2022?
  • An integrated circuit (IC), sometimes called a chip, microchip or microelectronic circuit,according to the German business daily.Semiconductor maker Infineon expects the chip crisis in the automotive industry to end in the next 12 months. Peter Schiefer, CEO of Infineon automotive, told Automotive weekly: "in 2023, we will be able to meet the demand well. In terms of outsourced microcontrollers alone, we will still have great restrictions in 2022." Self made products such as power electronics and sensors no longer have any bottlenecks. "We will complete the delivery in large quantities before the summer, and the final problem will be solved in 2023."

    At the same time, Schiefer announced that Infineon will significantly expand its production capacity. For example, it has invested in the construction of a plant in filach, Austria, to meet the growing demand in the silicon carbide field.

    The lack of semiconductors and other products has seriously slowed down the German economy. In particular, the automotive industry is in trouble for the lack of components. According to the calculation of the Cologne Institute of Economics (IW), the output gap of the whole industry has risen to 7.5%.

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