Oito máquinas SMT mostram novamente a glória da FBelec
  • With its leading technology and good reputation in the industry, FBelec is leading the Chinese electronics market, and FBelec's piezoelectric buzzer stands out in the market and drives the rapid development of the entire electronics market. As one of the leading companies in China's electronic products, FBelec has never stopped exploring. FBelec has recently introduced 8 new SMT machines!

    In order to solve the production capacity problem of piezoelectric buzzers , FBelec has invested heavily in the introduction of 8 new SMT placement machines to promote the high-speed operation of 2 fully automated equipment production lines to increase FBelec's production capacity. Increases Piezo Buzzer productivity by 30%.

    As the competitive market becomes more and more fierce, if you want to survive, you must have an advantage in product cost, labor cost, production efficiency, and product quality. As a new generation of high-tech electronic placement technology, the SMT placement machine introduced by FBelec can achieve high-efficiency, high-density, high-reliability, and low-cost automated production, which can effectively improve the production efficiency of piezoelectric buzzers , reduce costs, Quality assurance. From the perspective of cost, due to the high price of each SMT placement machine, which is often in the millions, only a few powerful companies have introduced it. FBelec has newly introduced 8 SMT placement machines, in addition to meeting the market demand, it also shows its extraordinary strength. Based on a long-term perspective, it has opened up a broad space for its future development.

    In line with the business philosophy of "professionalism, integrity, pragmatism and innovation", FBelec focuses on the excellence of its products, refreshes its achievements again and again, and creates its own brilliance. Now the introduction of these 8 SMT placement machines can be said to be a leap-forward milestone. This move will promote FBelec to enter the electronic market at a faster speed, and the goal of turning to the electronic industry in an all-round way is getting closer and closer. The future FBelec will be called People will wait and see!


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