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Sonda piezo interna do feedback do diâmetro 27milímetros 4.0KHz

Elemento de cerâmica piezo FT-27T-4.0B1
  • Part No.: FT-27T-4.0B1

    Resonance Frequency (kHz) : 4.0±0.5

    Resonance Impedance(Ω)≤500

    Capacitance(pF) 30000±30%

    Dielectric Loss ≤5%

    Input Voltage (Vp-p) ≤30

    Operating Temperature(℃) -20~+70

    Storage Temperature(℃) -30~+80

    Metal Material Brass

    Metal Plate Diameter(mm) D=φ27±0.2

    Ceramic Disc Diameter(mm d=φ20±0.5

    Metal Plate Thickness(mm) t=0.2±0.02

    Total Thickness(mm) T=0.43±0.05


Sonda piezo interna do feedback do diâmetro 27milímetros 4.0KHz









  • FT-27T-4.0B1
  • How to identify the direction of the positive and negative for the piezo film? Generally, the positive and negative of the piezo element can not be divided. If the piezoelectric element is to be used for induction, the positive and negative must be divided. Usually the positive side is facing up. You can use a pointer multimeter to set it to 25V by mechanical means, gently pinch both sides of the piezo with your left thumb and index finger, hold two test pens in your right hand, the red pen is close to the silver side of the piezoelectric sensor, and the black pen is placed horizontally on the wearable piezoelectric generator. The metal surface of the chip, then the left thumb and index finger are pressed firmly, and then released, two voltage signals with opposite polarities are successively generated on the ceramic piezo vibration sensor, so that the pointer swings to the right - back to zero - swing to the left - back to zero, swing The amplitude is about 0.1~0.15V. In this case, the piezo element is the positive superposition. If the order of the pointer swing is left swing - back to zero - right swing - back to zero. In this case, the sensor piezoelektrik is positive overshoot. Under the same pressure, the larger the pointer swing, the higher the sensitivity of the piezoelectric element .


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