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D17milímetros H7milímetros transdutou piezo eletrônico com pinoo plano

Transdutor Piezo FBPT1707


Tensão nominal (V):


Tensão operacional (V):


Consumo atual (mA):


NPS (dB):


Frequência Ressonante (Hz):



D17milímetros H7milímetros transdutou piezo eletrônico com pinoo plano

  • FBPT1707
  • What is Piezo Transducer or piezoelectric passive buzzerPiezo Transducer or piezoelectric passive buzzer needs to be connected to the audio output circuit to make a sound. The advantage is that the sound frequency is controllable and the power consumption is small. Generally speaking, piezoelectric beeper are driven by square waves (VP-P), and the voltage can be universal, but the sound pressure will be affected at different voltages. The higher the voltage, the higher the volume. The piezo external buzzer is small in size, light in weight, thin in thickness, low in power consumption, good in reliability and low in cost. It is suitable for sounding devices on small electronic products such as electronic watches, pocket calculators, electronic doorbells and electronic toys. Microwave ovens, washing machines, air conditioners, blood glucose meters, smoke alarms, parking sensors, tire pressure monitors, coffee machines, driving recorders, electronic clocks, electrical products, burglar alarms, underground alarms and electronic toys. It can also be used as a sound sensor for voice-controlled toys. Mainly used in other fields. FBelec supplies 5 million piezo sounder per month, and the products have passed ISO, IATF and other certifications. If necessary, please contact Jane, Tel: 0574-87793491


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