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23x12mm 12VDC campainha eletrônica com Long Continous Beep Tone

Campainha Piezo FBPB2312


Rated Voltag (V):


Operating Voltage (V):


Current Consumption (mA):


SPL (dB):


Resonant Frequency (Hz):



23x12mm 12VDC campainha eletrônica com Long Continous Beep Tone

  • FBPB2312
  • What is an active piezo buzzers? Active means that there is an internal oscillation source or a driving circuit board, which can drive the piezoelectric buzzers to sound. The oscillation source includes chips, diodes, triodes, etc. Therefore, it will sound as soon as the direct current is connected. Sound types include continuous sound, intermittent sound, alarm sound, etc. In fact, the active buzzer with generator is internally equipped with a driving circuit, so there is no need for an external signal source. Because there is a circuit board inside, the active piezoelectric buzzer will be more expensive than the passive buzzer. It depends on the manufacturer to choose according to their own product design. If you need more information, you can contact fbelec engineers!


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