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26mm 12V piezo campainha impermeável com fio

Campainha Piezo FBPB2616L


Rated Voltag (V):


Operating Voltage (V):


Current Consumption (mA):


SPL (dB):


Resonant Frequency (Hz):



26mm 12V piezo campainha impermeável com fio

  • FBPB2616L
  • How does the buzzer adjust the volume? We have the following three methods: first, use the software to adjust the duty cycle to control the volume. Second, connect the resistor in parallel to provide a play point call, which can also increase the volume. Third, increase the pressure supply of the honey device, increase the volume, and reduce the volume through the series resistance. FBelec is a professional manufacturer of electroacoustic components. The company has always been committed to the R & D and manufacturing of electroacoustic technology in the world The audio signalling device produced is of first-class quality and preferential price!


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