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Interruptou reed da perna direita de 14,8 * 2,5 milímetros

Interruptor de palheta FBSRS-1402

Interruptou reed da perna direita de 14,8 * 2,5 milímetros





Insulation Resistance:


Contact Resistance:


  • FBSRS-1402
  • What is a reed switch? Reed switch, also known as reed switch or magnetic reed switch, is a special magnetic sensitive switch, and is the main component of reed relays and proximity switches. Magnetically operated switches is usually made of two soft magnetic materials, which are disconnected when there is no magnetism, and some have a third reed as a normally closed contact. These reed contacts are encapsulated in a glass tube filled with inert gas (such as neon, helium, etc.) or vacuum. The ends of the reeds packaged in parallel in the glass tube overlap and leave a certain gap or contact each other to form a normally open switch. or normally closed contacts. Compared with the general mechanical switch, the dry reed switch has the advantages of simple structure, small size, high speed and long working life; compared with the electronic switch, it has the characteristics of strong resistance to load shock and high working reliability. FBelec has specialized in the magnetic sensor or reed Sensors of FBelec for 20 years and has the most advanced technology in China. We look forward to cooperating with you


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