How is the model of the chip named
  • The IC (Integrated circuit) naming method is generally: letter + number + letter.

    The first letter is the abbreviation of chip manufacturer or a integrated circuit family. For example, most of the start of MC is Motorola, and most of the start of Max is egrierter Schaltkreis The number in the middle is the function model. Like mc7805 and lm7805, it can be seen from the 7805 that their function is to output 5V, but the manufacturers are different. The following letters are mostly packaging information. You can know what packaging the specific letters represent only by looking at the data provided by the manufacturer.

  • 74 series is the common name of standard TTL logic devices, such as 74ls00, 74ls02, etc. it can't be seen from 74 alone. Different companies will prefix 74, such as sn74ls00. Related development Generally, a complete IC model must include at least the following four parts:

    Prefix (initial) - many can speculate which company's products are.

    Device name -- generally, the function of the product can be inferred (its capacity can be known from memory).

    Temperature grade ---- distinguish commercial grade, industrial grade, military grade, etc.

    Generally, C represents civil grade, I represents industrial grade, e represents extended industrial grade, a represents aviation grade and M represents military grade.

    Package -- indicate the package and pin number of the product. Some IC models will also have other contents.

    Rate -- for example, memory, MCU, DSP, FPGA and other products have rate differences, such as - 5 and - 6.

    Process structure -- for example, there are two kinds of general digital IC, COMS and TL, which are commonly represented by the letters C and t. Environmental protection - generally, there will be a letter at the end of the model to indicate whether it is environmental protection, such as Z, R, so on.

    Packaging - displays the packaging in which the material is transported, such as tube, t / R, rail, trail, etc.

    Version number ---- displays the number of modifications of the product.

    Generally, M is the first version. IC naming , packaging common sense and naming rules:

    Temperature range: C = 0 ℃ to 60 ℃ (commercial grade); I = - 20 ℃ to 85 ℃ (industrial grade); E = - 40 ℃ to 85 ℃ (extended industrial grade); A = - 40 ℃ to 82 ℃ (aviation grade); Military grade = - 55 ℃ (military grade)

    Package type: A—SSOP; B—CERQUAD; C-to-200, TQFP; d-ceramic copper top; E—QSOP;

    F-ceramic SOP; H-sbgaj-ceramic dip; K—TO-3; L—LCC,M—MQFP; N -- narrow dip; n -- dip; Q—PLCC;

    R - narrow ceramic dip (300mil); S—TO-52,T—TO5,TO-99,TO-100﹔U—TSSOP,uMAX,SOT;

    W-wide body small appearance (300mil); x-sc-60 (3P, 5p, 6p); y-narrow body copper top; Z—TO-92,MQUAD;

    D - bare sheet/ PR - enhanced plastic packag

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