• Backup alarm Description and Application

    Backup alarm also called Vehicle Backup Alarm, forklift backup alarm, auto backup alarm, truck back up alarm, car back up alarm or backup warning alarm, is a backup aid device, which is a safety aid device when parking or backing up. It is composed of ultrasonic sensor (commonly known as probe), regulator and display (or buzzer). It can tell people around to pay attention to safety through sound, truck backup sound.

    FBELE's backup alarm has a complete range, durable and compact structure. It is mainly used for light or medium pickup trucks and emergency vehicles. The truck backup alarms is also very suitable for RV, truck, etc. Use the BACK-UP ALARMS to warn the vehicles or pedestrians behind. It can control and monitor the overspeed driving behavior of operators of forklift and other industrial vehicles. Remind the people behind other vehicles to pay attention to the arrival of the forklift. The backup alarm (backup warning beeper) will ensure the safety of you and the people around you. The vehicle backup alarm can make a sound of more than 100 dB, and the current is less than 0.1 a. The sound can be specified by the customer, which can be the Bi sound of reversing, music or voice prompt, etc.

    Additional Features

    Safety Compliance

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    How to Install Backup Alarm

    1. Remove the rear lamp group assembly in the rear luggage compartment, and then find the position of the reversing lamp.

    2. use pointed nose pliers and beveled edge or wire stripper to peel off the insulation skin from the middle of the two wires on the reversing lamp.

    3. fix the reversing horn at the installable position next to the rear lamp holder assembly or under the rear bumper outside the vehicle. The loudspeaker installed below is large, but the circuit is also vulnerable to damage and short circuit.

    4. connect the two power lines of the reversing horn with the two stripped wires on the bulb group, and then wrap the wiring with adhesive tape to prevent leakage.

    5. install the rear lamp assembly and cover the luggage compartment cover.

    6. turn on the ignition switch to the on position (the red indicator light on the instrument panel is on. For example, the battery indicator light or the lubricating oil pressure indicator light is on). Engage the reverse gear to test whether the reversing horn works normally.

    7. the time of using the reversing horn shall not be too long, and the sound shall not be too loud.