• How To Maintain Automotive Cigarette Lighter

  • Automotive cigarette lighter is a piece of equipment in a car. The cigarette lighter adapter in the traditional sense takes electricity from the car power supply and heats electric heating units such as metal heating sheets or metal heating wires, and provides a fire source for lighting cigarettes. With the development of automobiles and the continuous changes of people's needs, the cigarette lighter plug adapter interface can usually be equipped with an on-board inverter, which can charge mobile electronic devices, etc. The elastic head in the middle of the interface is the positive pole, and the buckles on both sides are the negative pole. The power supply is directly connected to the car battery, and the current and power are the same as the battery.

    Today, we will tell you about some maintenance methods for car cigarette lighter

  • Car Cigarette Lighter Plug
  • Maintenance method:

    A replace the fuse;

    B Adjust the angle of the circlip, it is good to lock the cigarette lighter, and it is good to be able to heat it. Do not make the angle too large, which will affect the insertion and removal of the Cigarette Lighter. The structure of the real lighter plug adapter is rarely damaged, and you don't need to try to replace it. Unless the circlip is broken, you can only replace the car cigarette lighter adapter socket.

    Use of external equipment for cigarette lighter:

    We often use external devices to increase the functionality of the vehicle and provide some enjoyment of driving by using power from the car lighter adapter. However, there are also problems to be paid attention to when using it, otherwise it will cause damage or burning of the external equipment, and also cause damage to the vehicle insurance, causing unnecessary trouble.

    Most common usage mistakes:

    A. After using the external device, do not unplug it before turning off the flame, and it will remain on the cigarette lighter, which will undoubtedly cause trouble. When the vehicle is started, the external devices on the cigarette lighter are easily burnt under the impact of starting a large current, especially MP3 and U disk are prone to problems. Therefore, unplug it after use, and then plug it in after the car is started.

    B. Due to the different settings of the vehicle, the power supply of some cigarette lighters is not turned off when the vehicle is turned off, and many vehicles still have electricity, so it is not a wise choice to put external devices on the cigarette lighter plug for a long time. It is necessary to insert it during use, pull it out after use, and not plug it into the cigarette lighter socket for a long time, which can improve the safety of external devices.

    C. When plugging and unplugging during use, the arc-shaped reed of the plug of the external device is deformed, causing it to be loose after insertion, and the contact is not strict, which affects the conduction, and the phenomenon is sometimes on and off. If this phenomenon is found, it can be solved by adjusting the angle of the arc reed of the plug.

    D. When operating the car, the cigarette lighter plug is constantly collided, resulting in looseness.

  • car cigarette lighter
  • Car Cigarette Lighter Plug are commonly used devices to obtain external power supply. Due to the frequent use, problems are prone to occur, but most of them can be solved by themselves. There is no need to go to the store or repair station to spend money on maintenance. As long as you understand its structure and characteristics, pay more attention in use, and correct operation can avoid problems. In addition, read the instruction manual to know the amperage of the fuse of the cigarette lighter, and keep a few spares in the car , so that you can replace it at any time, but don't try to avoid burning by increasing the amperage value of the insurance. The size of the insurance amperage of each position is designed according to safety. Blindly increasing the insurance amperage will cause extremely serious consequences, which must be noted.

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