• Who is FBelec?

    The Best Designer and manufacturer of loud speaker

    China speaker manufacturer FBelec started in 1997, specializing in the production of speakers.

    It is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of electroacoustic products such as bass speakers, mobile phone speakers, loud bluetooth speaker, loud speaker, bluetooth loud speaker, loud portable speaker.

    FBelec is best loud speaker manufacturer

    Your one-stop solution speaker provider

    Wide frequency response

    FBelec waterproof speaker bluetooth has a wide frequency response and is the first choice for those who love strong bass

    Loud sound

    FBelec uses good materials, so the sound pressure of the best waterproof speaker is very high,FBelec knows how to make speaker louder.

    Long life time

    FBelec adopts high-quality components for micro speaker, some of which are imported from overseas, so its service life is longer.

    Convenient installation

    FBelec's louder speaker can provide wire welding and connector soldering services to facilitate customer installation

    About speaker manufacturer FBelec

    FBelec is a professional speaker manufacturer, famous for its unique speaker design method. FBelec takes the advanced DSP algorithm as a part of its design, which overcomes the performance limitations of common speakers. As a result, even at high sound pressure levels, speakers can provide amazing output and unparalleled clarity in the smallest possible enclosure.

    FBelec's product catalogue micro speaker, Mylar speaker, loud speakers,best loud bluetooth speaker,best waterproof speaker,Ceiling Speaker, garden speaker, Party speaker, headshones & earbuds & headsets,micro bluetooth speaker, reference monitors for production and post production, linear array modules for various venues, and heart-shaped subwoofers, adopts patented passive heart-shaped technology.

    FBelec products are customer-centered: the shell shape complements various architectural styles, the carefully designed installation hardware is easy to install, and the factory verified processor settings of almost all professional digital signal processing (DSP) platforms.

    Founded in 1997, FBelec is the choice of 5000 enterprises at home and abroad! FBelec tweeter manufacturer, a class a cooperative supplier of the world's top 500 enterprises, mainly exports well-known foreign audio brands. The quality and price will not disappoint you!

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    • The FBelec of innovation

      All aspects of our products are designed according the idea of clients:

      Smaller speakers that are easier to integrate into architecture.

      Waterproof design for Various equipment.

      1.Thoughtfully designed mounting hardware for ease of installation

      2.China stock products for fast delivery time.

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    • FBelec has your back!

      WHAT IF politics and pretense didn't interfere with deliveringincredible products and service?


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