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    Piezoelectric Diaphragms, Piezoceramic, Piezo Ceramic, Piezoelectric ceramic element, commonly
    known as piezo buzzer element.

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    commonly known as piezo buzzer element or piezo diaphragm,piezo disks.

    Piezoelectric Diaphragms or Piezoelectric ceramic element, commonly known as piezo buzzer element.

    Piezoelectric Diaphragms or Piezoelectric ceramic element, commonly known as piezo buzzer element.because it is generally used for piezoelectric buzzer or piezoelectric alarm. Of course, it can also be used alone.

    Piezoelectric ceramic sheet is an piezo element that make sound. FBelec Piezoelectric ceramic dielectric material is placed between two copper circular electrodes. When AC audio signal is connected on the two electrodes, the piezoelectric sheet will vibrate according to the size and frequency of the signal and produce corresponding sound. Because of its simple structure and low cost, piezoelectric ceramics are widely used in electronic and electrical appliances, such as pronunciation electronic watches, electronic greeting card,electronic book,electronic instruments, electronic clocks, timers,toys, etc. Contact FBelec sales team for more details about our piezoelectric ceramic element right here!

    Properties of piezoceramics

    The relationship between the applied force and the resuting response of the piezoelectric element depends on: the piezoelectric properties of piezoceramic, the size and shape of the sample, the direction of electrical and mechanical excitation.

    By their nature, piezoelectric materials are anisotropic crystals. Figure 3 shows the different directions and orientation axes of the piezoelectric material. Axes 1, 2 and 3 are the corresponding analogs of the X, Y, Z axes of the classical orthogonal coordinate system, while the axes 4, 5, and 6 define the axes of rota- tion. The direction of axis 3 is the direction of polarization This direction is established during production by means of a high constant voltage that is created between the electrodes.

    The piezoelectric element is characterized by the following properties:

    a) Relative dielectric constant b) Resonance frequency c) Electromechanical coupling constant d) Elastic constant

    a) Relative dielectric constant

    The relative dielectric constant is the ratio of the dielectric permittivity of the material (in this case E33T and E11T) to the dielectric permittivity of a vacuum

    b) Resonance frequency

    The natural frequency f0 of the plate by thickness calculated by the fllowing formula

    c) Electromechanical coupling constant

    The electromechanical coupling coefficients kp, k33, k15, kt and k31 describe the ability of the piezoelectric element to convert energy from electrical to me- chanical and vice versa.The square of the electromechanical coupling coefficient is defined as the ratio of the accumulated converted energy of one type (mechanical or electrical) to the input energy of the second type (electrical or mechanical). The index shows the relative directions of electrical and mechani- cal quantities and the type of oscillations. They can be associated with the mode of oscillations of a simple transducer

    d) Elastic constant

    The elastic properties of piezoelectric materials are characterized by elastic compliance (elastic compliance) or elastic siffness (elastic siffness). Elastic com- pliance determines the amount of strain due to an applied mechanical stress. Due to the fact that under the infuence of mechanical stress, the ceramic gen- erates an electrical response, which counteracts the resultant strain, the effective Young's modulus for a short circuit of electrodes is less than open circuited.

    Applications for Piezo Ceramic Element

    Piezoelectric materials have found application in a wide range of areas, such as medical instruments. control of industrial processes, semiconductor manu- facturing systems, household electrical appliances, communication control systems, various measuring instruments, and other areas. Commercial systems that use piezoelectric materials - pumps, sewing machines, sensors (pressure, icing, angular velocities, etC.), optical instruments, laser printers, motors for autofocus cameras, and many others. In this case, the scope of these materials is constantly growing. Using a piezoelectric element is usually reduced to four categories: sensors, generators, power actuators, and transducers.

    In generators, piezoelectric materials can generate a voltage suflcient to cause a spark between the electrodes, and thus can be used as electrodes to ignite the fuel, for gas stoves and for welding equipment. Altermatively, the electrical energy generated by the piezoelectric elements may accumulate. Such genera-tors are excellent solid batteries for electronic circuits.

    In sensors, piezoelectric materials convert physical parameters such as acceleration, pressure, and vibrations into an electrical signal. In actuators, piezoelectric materials convert an electical signal into a precisely controlled physical displacement, clearly setting the accuracy of mechanical tools, lenses, and mirrors.

    What Our Customer Say

    • “We know FBELE in June 2021, We are new client.

      When I first bought FBELE products, I was worried about the quality, but after receiving the first batch of trial order goods, my doubts were dispelled. FBELE product quality is very good! We will place big order this year, thanks for FBELE!"


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    • “Before found FBELE, we cooperated with another piezoelectric element factory , piezo manufacturer . Due to the quality problem at that time, we tried to cooperate with FBELE. Unexpectedly, the quality of FBELE products is very stable. At present, the cooperation has been nearly 10 years. We hope FBELE will always supply us."


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    • “We have cooperated with FBELE for 15 years. FBELE is very professional. Every time need to buy piezo ceramic products, as long as we give some small tips (such as models, pictures, piezoelectric diaphragms and even a little description of other companies), they can choose products for me, saving me valuable time"


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      Piezo Element quality identification: A mechanical multimeter can easily detect whether the piezoelectric element is good or bad. The method is as follows: Set the multimeter to 25V, gently pinch the two sides of the piezoelectric plate with your left thumb and index finger, and hold two test pens in your right hand. Press it down, then relax, and the piezo element will generate two voltage signals with opposite polarities successively, so that the pointer swings to the right - back to zero - left - back to zero, with a swing of about 0.1~0.15V. If you re-test after changing the position of the test leads, the sequence of pointer swing is left swing - zero return - right swing - zero return. Under the same pressure, the larger the pointer swing, the higher the sensitivity of the piezoelectric element. If the pointer does not move, it means that the acoustic element is leaking or damaged. The appearance should be free of scratches and fingerprints. The ceramic sheet is not eccentric. The ceramic sheet and the substrate are bonded perfectly without overflowing glue,

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      The size of FBelec's Piezo Round Bimorph Actuator are generally 8-50MM, and the specifications are 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13*13, 15, 18, 20, 21, 21.5, 23.5, 27, 30, 31, 32, 35 , 40, 41, 45, 50mm, Piezo Ceramic Bimorph The thickness of the Piezo Ceramic Generator is generally 0.08-0.6MM. The Piezoelectric Bimorph Sound Pickup is generally used for sound prompts, loud for tweeter alarms, as well as for driving insects and attracting animals, and ultra-thin for cutting-edge electronic products. There are also voice prompts, music, vibration sensors, noise sensors, piezoelectric transformers, drivers, piezoelectric pumps, and liquid pumps. FBelec is a leader in the domestic voice industry, welcome to contact us, Tel: 18868647636

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      Can the piezo element sound alone? many customer ask this kind of questions,but we answer as below:the piezo film is made into a very thin original film, and the sound cannot be produced without a resonant cavity. Even the sound is small and can only be heard in a very quiet environment. And only when the piezoelectric honeycomb has a resonant cavity, it can make a loud sound after power-on, even in a noisy environment. For example, the piezo sounder and the shell can be turned into a buzzer or an alarm, which can emit different sounds as required by customers. Therefore, it is not meaningful to say the volume of the sound emitted by the buzzer alone, and the volume must be determined with the cavity. But generally speaking, the bigger the internal type piezo element and the bigger the shell, the louder the sound! This information comes from FBelec's engineering department

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      Common problems of piezoelectric diaphragms: Today, let's talk about the common quality problems of buzzer films, so as to facilitate your purchase and distinguish the quality. 1. Part of ceramic disc of buzzer film falls off: First: there is a problem with the glue of buzzer tablet. The glue quality is poor or the amount of epoxy resin adhesive is not enough Second: copper or steel sheet, nickel alloy sheet bending deformation. Third: when the ceramic sheet and substrate are bonded, the curing temperature and time are not enough or too much. 2. piezoelectric ceramic disks has no sound: First: piezoelectric ceramic vibrating plate (silver plate) is not polarized Second: the piezoelectric ceramic vibrating plate (silver plate) is dark cracked, and the positive / negative pole of the silver plate is short circuited. Third: the piezoelectric ceramic vibrating plate (silver plate) is not bonded and cured well with the metal plates. FBelec avoid above problem in order to guarantee the quality for customers.

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  • 12milímetros 9.2KHzpiezo elementos elétricos


    FBelec Piezoelectric ceramic sheet, commonly known as piezo buzzer element or piezo diaphragmPiezoelectric ceramic sheet is an electronic pronunciation element. Piezoelectric ceramic dielectric material is placed between two copper circular electrodes. When AC audio signal is connected on the two electrodes, the piezoelectric sheet will vibrate according to the size and frequency of the signal and produce corresponding sound. Because of its simple structure and low cost, piezoelectric ceramics are widely used in electronic and electrical appliances, such as toys, pronunciation electronic watches, electronic instruments, electronic clocks, timers and so on.

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    Self drive piezo element, namely three pole piezo element or piezo disc, it is made of substrate (copper,steel,iron,alloy) and piezoelectric ceramic piece with feedback pole processing, only three contact points, can weld positive and negative three lines, one pole is the feedback pole. FBelec produce self drive piezo element are commonly used to produce active buzzers.

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    External Drive piezo element, namely two pole piezo element or piezo disc, it is made of substrate (copper,steel,iron,alloy) and piezoelectric ceramic piece processing, only two contact points, can weld positive and negative two lines. Other buzzer is usually used for passive buzzer, FT-15T-6.0A1, 15T stands for diameter of 15mm, frequency of 6.0khz. The frequency of the acoustic element is determined by the thickness. The thinner the thickness, the higher the frequency. piezo element is a voltage element, that is to say, the greater the voltage applied to the device, the louder the device will be. The sound of the piezo element is extremely clear. FBelec China leading provider of piezo disk of various sizes and frequencies

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  • 20milímetros 3.5KHz transdutou piezo cerâmico externo de latão


    The main component of the piezo element is piezoelectric ceramic, so it is called piezoelectric element. Ft-20t-3.5a1 is an External Drive Piezo element with diameter of 20mm and frequency of 3.5khz. In many cases, wire can be welded on the Piezoceramic Components, which can be customized according to the needs of different customers. The External Drive Piezo element can only rely on IC signals, or inductance circuits to match the frequency signal to sound. In general, iron buzzer will be much cheaper than copper buzzer. FBelec's buzzer tablet price is the most advantageous among all factory in China.

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  • Diâmetro 20milímetros 6.5KHz elemento cerâmico piezo de latão


    Piezoelectric element is a piezoelectric ceramic plate which is pasted on the vibrating metal plate after high pressure extreme pressure. When the ac voltage is added, the piezoelectric effect will cause mechanical deformation, stretching and contraction, and the use of this feature to make the metal sheet vibration and sound. 1. Peripheral support mode - the outer diameter edge of the buzzer piece is fixed in the resonance cavity. Generally, no feedback piezoelectric sensor is adopted, and the Piezoelectric Disk must be matched with the frequency of the resonance cavity to have a high sound pressure output, and the external oscillation circuit generates a driving signal to make the buzzer sound. 2. Node support mode - the buzzer plate is fixed in the annular structure of about the same size as the diameter of ceramic plate. If the resonator cavity is properly designed and matched with the correct frequency feedback piezoelectric diaphragms and positive feedback circuit, the sound pressure and correct frequency can be generated. FBelec is your best Choose of suppliers, factories, wholesalers, distributors!

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    soldering technology of piezo element:As we all know, Piezoelectric Disk can be used for soldering.The welding process requirements of FBelec's loud piezo ceramic element are as follows:First, the piezoelectric element must be checked carefully, and only qualified products can be used.Secondly, do not touch the piezo tone with bare hands, and be sure to wear rubber gloves, because the sweat on your hands will corrode the  piezo sensor and cause oxidation.Furthermore, the solder joints are required to be full and round,smooth,There is no virtual welding and false welding, and there is no sharpening of the solder joints.False soldering will cause the lead to fall off,the position of red, black and yellow lines should not be welded wrong!Finally, the silver-plated coating is particularly vulnerable to damage, so soldering should be done quickly.FBelec's piezoelectric element can be customized, no matter what specification you need, same quality as Murata's FBelec will do the best to meet you. 

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    Precautions for soldering piezo element with electric iron: The soldering of the piezo film requires the use of a soldering iron. So what are the precautions when soldering the piezoelectric film with the soldering iron? FBelec sorted out the following points: The first point is that the new electric soldering iron should be tinned before use, and the resistance value of the multimeter should be confirmed to be between 2~3kΩ. The second point is that when using an electric soldering iron, general,Soldering iron temperature: 350 ± 5 ° C, welding time: within 3.0 ± 0.5 seconds The third point is that it is strictly forbidden to beat the soldering iron arbitrarily during use. Fourth, during the soldering process, the electric soldering iron should not be placed everywhere, and should be placed on the soldering iron stand when not soldering. The fifth point, after the end of use, the power should be cut off in time, and then put the soldering iron back into the toolbox after cooling. FBelec's soldering technology is first-class and trustworthy in China,FBelec also can supply electric soldering iron, looking forward to your consultation,Our Tel: 18868647636

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    How to identify the direction of the positive and negative for the piezo film? Generally, the positive and negative of the piezo element can not be divided. If the piezoelectric element is to be used for induction, the positive and negative must be divided. Usually the positive side is facing up. You can use a pointer multimeter to set it to 25V by mechanical means, gently pinch both sides of the piezo with your left thumb and index finger, hold two test pens in your right hand, the red pen is close to the silver side of the piezoelectric sensor, and the black pen is placed horizontally on the wearable piezoelectric generator. The metal surface of the chip, then the left thumb and index finger are pressed firmly, and then released, two voltage signals with opposite polarities are successively generated on the ceramic piezo vibration sensor, so that the pointer swings to the right - back to zero - swing to the left - back to zero, swing The amplitude is about 0.1~0.15V. In this case, the piezo element is the positive superposition. If the order of the pointer swing is left swing - back to zero - right swing - back to zero. In this case, the sensor piezoelektrik is positive overshoot. Under the same pressure, the larger the pointer swing, the higher the sensitivity of the piezoelectric element .

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