Thin Mylar Membrane Speaker, including bracket, voice coil and magnetic return part.

      The lower end of the voice coil extends into the gap between the upper end of the U-shaped iron and the iron sheet, and the top of the voice coil is connected with a sound film.

      FBelec internal magnetic thin horn has the characteristics of small volume, strong stability and long service life.

      It is ultra-thin, with a thickness of only 0.9mm or less, which helps to improve the design freedom of the whole machine.

      Since its establishment in 1997, FBelec has provided solutions for more than 2000 customers, including waterproof performance of Waterproof Speaker, IP67 design and the color of waterproof membrane.

      The waterproof membrane can be made into transparent or black to match the color of the whole machine.

      FBelec speakers can be divided into round, square and oval.

      Various special impedances are specially designed for customers, including 16 ohms, 32 ohms, 64 ohms and 128 ohms.

      FBelec speakers have good sound quality.

      The smart speaker adopts small caliber and large magnetic circuit design and advanced DRC dynamic compression algorithm, so that the high volume will not be broken.

      It has the potential to bring shocking bass effect under low frequency, with real sound and real small body and high volume.FBelec is best speaker brands.

      • 21mm 8ohm 0.5w toy speaker

        21mm x 7mm

        (1) The toy speaker has two terminals (two leads). When a single horn is used, the two pins are not divided into positive and negative polarity. When multiple horns are used at the same time, the two pins are divided into polarity.(2) The Mylar Cone Speaker has a paper basin. Its color is usually black or white.(3) The shapes of miniature speakers include round, square and oval.

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      • 27mm 8ohm electronic mini audio speaker


        Weatherproof mylar cone is a kind of horn. According to its energy exchange principle, it belongs to electromagnetic type, namely tongue spring type: Classification by material: plastic horn, iron shell horn

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      • 27mm 8ohm 0.25w thin speaker


        The parameters of Loudspeakers refer to the specific performance parameters of the horn tested by a special horn test system Its common parameters mainly include: Z, fo, η 0,SPL,Qts,Qms,Qes,Vas,Mms,Cms,Sd,BL,Xmax,Gap gauss. That is, the resistance value, DC impedance, minimum resonance frequency, sound pressure level, DB, total quality factor value of the Mylar Cone Intercom Speaker, etc.

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      • 29mm 0.25w small toy speaker


        Toy speakers, also known as "Mini Toy Speaker", are a very commonly used electro-acoustic transducer. Toy speakers are mainly used in the series of sound-emitting toys. For the sound-emitting effect of toys, it is one of the most important components.

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      FBelec company is a professional production and processing company of best speakers for music, headphones and other products, with a complete quality management system Integrity, strength and product quality are recognized by the industry Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business,Our loudspeakers offer the following advantages:

      • ·Broad Frequency Range Operation
      • ·Super thin design
      • ·Big Power
      • ·IP67 design
      • ·Customized according to customer requirements


      FBelec Mylar Cone Speaker are an excellent option for industrial and commercial applications.

      • blind guide

      • Portable Audio Players

      • security system

      • Automotive Audio

      • channel command

      • park

      • intercom system

      • Televisions

      • traffic safety command

      • Electronic Music Instruments

      FBelec doorbell intercom speaker assembly case study highlights our unique manufacturing and design capabilities.


      FBelec team will provide a one-stop solution whether it is the customization of size or the adjustment of parameters for special application in your project.

      • ·Frequency response
      • ·Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
      • ·Rated Power
      • ·Rated impedance
      • ·Directivity
      • ·Distortion
      • ·Shape: Round / Square/Oval
      • ·Overall Size Parameters (L, W, H)
      • ·Connection: Terminals, Lead Wires, Connectors, etc.
      • ·Mounting Holes / with ear or without ear

      FBelec specializes in producing loudspeakers, mainly engaged in loudspeakers, mylar speaker, buzzers and best door speakers Development, production and sales of ultrasonic sensors and other electroacoustic products Information Hotline: 0086-18868647636

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