• Characteristics of Piezoelectric Ceramic

    The elastic coefficient of piezoelectric ceramics is a parameter that reflects the relationship between the deformation of the ceramics and the applied force.

  • Application of Piezoelectric Ceramic

    Voice changer

    Piezoelectric ceramics can be used as sound transducers for pickups, microphones, headphones, buzzers, ultrasonic sounders, sonar, and ultrasonic flaw detectors for materials. Piezoelectric ceramics can generate vibrations of different frequencies through the control of electronic circuits, thereby emitting various sounds. For example, electronic music greeting cards convert AC audio signals into sound signals through the inverse piezoelectric effect.

    Piezo Detonator

    In order to fight against tanks, an anti-tank gun was invented. The armor-piercing projectile it fired would explode immediately when it touched the tank, blowing the tank to pieces. This is because the warhead is equipped with piezoelectric ceramics, which can convert the strong mechanical force when they collide into an instantaneous high voltage, and explode a spark to detonate the explosive.

  • Conclusion

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