• What is piezo buzzer?
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    Piezoelectric buzzer is a kind of sound generator with piezoelectric ceramic as electroacoustic transducer. The core of this device is the energy exchange part pasted on the metal sheet with piezoelectric ceramic sheet, that is, piezoelectric buzzer sheet. Piezo electronic buzzer has attracted much attention and developed very rapidly due to its characteristics of no RF noise and low power consumption.

    Compared with other buzzers, the electronic piezo buzzer sold by FBelec has the following advantages:
    1. Because there is no movable contact part, it has long service life and high reliability. It can be used continuously for more than 10000 hours. It is a semi permanent device
    2. No arcing or RF noise, no interference to other lines
    3. It will not cause large vibration due to looseness
    4. Controlled by electronic circuit, it can produce a variety of pleasant sounds, analog sounds and intermittent sounds. The timbre is pure and not easily covered by noise
    5. It is excited by voltage, so the consumption current is small, generally less than 20mA and not more than 100mA
    6. Small and loud. The volume can reach 70 dB / 20cm, while the element thickness is only less than 1mm
    7. Wide operating temperature range
    8. It is easy to install and has no electromagnetic coil and moving coil. There is no need to worry about insulation deterioration and there is no possibility of leakage

    What is the application of FBelec piezoelectric buzzers?
    Fbelec's piezoelectric sounder buzzer actually has three commercial forms, namely piezo sounder buzzer complex, piezoelectric buzzer sounder and piezo buzzer , to meet the different needs of the market. No matter what form, its use is inseparable from alarm, judgment and notification. The piezoelectric buzzer for alarm is used for fire, smoke concentration, air leakage, anti-theft and automobile alarm. The piezoelectric buzzer for notification is used as notification in fish detection machines, instruments, medical equipment, vending machines, washing machines, electric furnaces, etc., which is more favorable than light indication. In addition, the piezoelectric sounder buzzer with analog sound and compound sound can also be used in toys, video games, etc.

    FBelec is famous brand for piezo buzzer!

  • Piezo Audio Indicator with wire and electronic buzzer with Long Continous Beep Tone

  • Electromagnetic buzzer is a kind of buzzer, which is different from piezoelectric buzzer. Electromagnetic buzzer is an electronic buzzer that makes sound by using the effect of electromagnetic coil on buzzer, which is used as a sound device for electronic products. The active (self-excited) buzzer vibration coil and oscillation coil are combined into one.

    FBelec buzzers are divided into two categories: piezo electric buzzer and Electro-magnetic Buzzer : piezoelectric buzzers make sound by driving the vibration of metal sheets with the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics. Magnetic Audio Buzzer uses the principle of electromagnetism to suck down the metal diaphragm when powered on and bounce back according to the elasticity of the diaphragm when powered off. Therefore, the piezoelectric buzzer is driven by square wave and the electromagnetic buzzer is driven by 1 / 2 square wave. The piezoelectric buzzer needs a relatively high voltage to have enough sound voltage. Generally, it is recommended to be more than 9V. Some specifications of piezoelectric can reach more than 120dB, and larger sizes can easily reach 100dB.

    Electromagnetic buzzer: with 1.5V, it can emit sound pressure of more than 85dB, but the consumption current will be much higher than that of piezoelectric buzzer. When the size is the same, the response frequency of electromagnetic buzzer can be relatively low; The sound pressure of electromagnetic buzzer is generally up to 90dB Mechanical buzzer is a small category of electromagnetic buzzer. You can contact fbelec's engineers for product information.

    the model number of FBMB9055, "FB" means "FBelec","MB" means magnetic buzzer,"9" means the diameter of the buzzer,"55" means the height of the buzzer.

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Electromagnetic buzzer is an electronic buzzer that makes sound by using the effect of electromagnetic coil on buzzer

  • Buzzer ativo de 14milímetros com sinal sonouo contínuo longo


    Simple distinguishing method between active buzzer and passive buzzer? The fundamental difference between External Drive buzzer and Internal Drive buzzer is that products have different requirements for input signals; The ideal signal of active buzzer is DC, which is usually marked as VDC, VDD, etc. Because there is a simple oscillation circuit inside the Piezzo Buzzer, which can convert the constant DC into a pulse signal of a certain frequency, so as to realize the alternating magnetic field and drive the vibration and pronunciation of aluminum sheet. However, some piezo sounder can also work under specific AC signals, but they have high requirements for the voltage and frequency of AC signals, which is generally not used. piezo transducer has no internal drive circuit. Some companies and factories call it Transducer Indicator Sounder, which is called sounder in the international standard. The ideal signal square wave of passive buzzer. If a DC signal is given, the Audio Devices will not respond, because the magnetic circuit is constant and the molybdenum sheet cannot vibrate and sound. if you have more questions,please contact FBelec's engineer!!

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  • 23x10milímetros 12VDC Piezo indicadou de áudio com fio


    How can we distinguish between active buzzer and passive buzzer? 1. Through appearance: the welding foot of the buzzer can be turned upward. If the circuit board is black epoxy, if the circuit board is green, it means passive; 2. Test: adjust the multimeter to Ohm gear. If the resistance value is displayed, it is a passive buzzer. If it makes a continuous sound, it is an active buzzer. 3. Directly connected to the DC power supply, those who will make sound are active, and those who will not make sound are passive.

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  • Buzzer SMD de 10milímetros


    Where are SMT buzzers usually used? SMD buzzer is generally used on electronic products with small space requirements. The micro buzzer has the advantage of thin thickness. This feature adapts to the current thinness of electronic products. For example, MP4 Bluetooth reversing radar personal medical devices are most widely used in new and strange toys, and mobile phones are gradually promoted! Fbelec automatic production line, with good quality and low price, is the preferred supplier for customers

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  • 23x12milímetros 12VDC campainha eletrônica com Long Continous Beep Tone


    What is an active piezo buzzers? Active means that there is an internal oscillation source or a driving circuit board, which can drive the piezoelectric buzzers to sound. The oscillation source includes chips, diodes, triodes, etc. Therefore, it will sound as soon as the direct current is connected. Sound types include continuous sound, intermittent sound, alarm sound, etc. In fact, the active buzzer with generator is internally equipped with a driving circuit, so there is no need for an external signal source. Because there is a circuit board inside, the active piezoelectric buzzer will be more expensive than the passive buzzer. It depends on the manufacturer to choose according to their own product design. If you need more information, you can contact fbelec engineers!

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