Common uses of ultrasonic sensors
  • Everyone should be familiar with ultrasound, but how much do you know about ultrasound sensors? Let's take a look at the use of ultrasonic sensors in daily life.

    1. Ultrasonic sensors can detect the status of containers

    When an ultrasonic sensor is installed on the top of a plastic melt tank or plastic particle chamber and emits sound waves to the inside of the container, it can be used to analyze the status of the container, such as full, empty, or half full.

  • 2. Liquid level detection

    In many parts of China, remote water level monitoring is required, such as factory reservoirs, reservoirs for agricultural irrigation, water supply towers, and river water levels.

    3. Application of Ultrasonic Sensor Welding

    Piezoelectric ceramics or magnetostrictive materials can generate high-power ultrasonic waves under the action of high voltage narrow pulses, which can be focused and used for the welding of integrated circuits and plastics.

    4. Ultrasonic target detection in assisted driving

    Many major automobile manufacturers and technology companies are testing fully autonomous autonomous vehicle.

  • Autonomous vehicle (as well as human driving vehicles with driver assistance technology) are widely using sensors to monitor the road and surrounding environment. For example, ultrasonic sensors can detect cars in adjacent lanes for "blind spot detection" and alert drivers when someone is in the blind spot.

    5. Industrial production film thickness monitoring

    It can be used to detect transparent objects, liquids, any rough, smooth, light dense materials, and irregular objects. Such as microelectronic thin films, optical thin films, antioxidant thin films, giant magnetoresistance thin films, high-temperature superconducting thin films, and other thicknesses.


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