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How to choose a flow sensor
  • FBelec has focused on the field of flowmeter for more than 20 years. With reliable product quality and low price, it is your first choice and can also accept product customization , FBelec can provide flow sensor solutions.

  • The appropriate flow sensor depends on the type of fluid being measured. If sensors are used for gases or liquids, not only will they recognize incorrect flow rates, but choosing the wrong flow sensor to measure the flow of hazardous or flammable substances can also lead to major accidents. Therefore, it is very important to carefully examine the characteristics of the substance to be measured first.

    Flow sensors are often unable to simultaneously measure a wide range. If the expected flow rate is predetermined, it is best to choose a high-precision flow sensor that matches the range.

  • Micro flow sensor

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    1. Regarding the externally clamped flow sensor

    Clamp type means connecting the instrument to the outside of the pipeline through which the fluid to be measured flows. External clamp flow sensors include ultrasonic flow meters and ultrasonic flow sensors.

    If the object to be measured is a fluid that can be measured using ultrasound, it can be used as a measuring device. Ultrasonic flow meters include methods for measuring frequency using propagation time difference method and Doppler method. The advantage of ultrasonic flow meters is that they can be installed without the need to remove or cut pipelines, reducing installation costs.

    Another benefit is that it greatly improves the convenience of post construction maintenance and eliminates pressure loss inside the pipeline. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that due to its installation on the outside of the pipeline, there is a requirement for the length of the straight pipe section, and the diameter of the pipeline is also a factor. If the measured fluid contains a large amount of solids or bubbles, it cannot be measured.

  • 2. Regarding the air flow meter

    Air flow meters include external clamp flow meters and threaded connection flow meters. The screw connection type eliminates the need for intuitive components, making the measuring device compact and space saving.

    When the gas to be measured is a compressible fluid, traditional air flow meters are thermal mass flow meters. There are multiple measurement methods for thermal mass flow meters. Capillary type is a flow element with a resistance value installed inside the tube, and a heater is wound around the outside of the tube to place temperature sensors on both sides of the tube. The heater measures flow balance. I am.

    Thermal mass flow meters are easily affected by dirt and are not suitable for low-pressure environments, so they are not suitable for equipment with a lot of oil mist. At present, the mainstream of thermal mass flow meters is the flow sensor type.


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