How to distinguish the good and bad quality of heat shrink tube
  • In the field of heat shrinkable sleeves , the manufacturers are uneven, and the quality is uneven. There are even some heat shrinkable sleeve manufacturers who sell poor quality heat shrinkable sleeves at the price of high-quality products in order to better obtain a lot of rights. Customers also thought they were buying very good quality items. So how to distinguish the quality of heatshrink? Those who have a laboratory also find a state company, which can test the characteristics of the heat shrinkable sleeve according to the instrument. However, most customers probably also do not have special equipment for testing the properties of heat-shrinkable sleeves. There are many easy ways to teach you here

  • 1. Look at the color

    There are many colors of heat shrinkable sleeves, and the common ones are red, green, yellow, blue, black, white, fully transparent, etc. In addition, there are also unique colors such as brown, gray, purple, orange, etc. If you purchase after a long absence from the same manufacturer, you will find that there are some heat shrinkable sleeve manufacturers with the same specifications and the same color. The manufacturing batch number is different, and the actual color will be slightly different. The production process of natural heat-shrinkable sleeves is complicated and varied, and no one can 100% ensure that there is no color cast. However, pvc shrink sleeve manufacturers with operating scales will have fixed color master distributors, which are not easy to resemble small ones. In order to better reduce the cost, the processing factory often replaces the dealer, resulting in sometimes the color of the heat shrinkable sleeve is different from many saturations.

    2. Look at the thickness

    The thickness of the heat-shrinkable sleeve is different according to the specifications and models, and the relative thickness will vary. However, the wall thickness of the heat-shrinkable sleeve of the fixed specification and model should also be fixed and a little undulating in and out. However, the price of heat-shrinkable sleeves in the sales market is now falling sharply, so some manufacturers have used their brains to make the heat-shrinkable sleeves thinner, which saves costs, and the same total number of raw materials can be produced. Lots of heat shrink tubing. Discrimination of the quality of heat shrinkable sleeves - 3. Look at the partial wall rate

  • Heat shrink sleeves are extruded and re-expanded and are unlikely to have exactly the same thickness on the circle. It is based on the extrusion process technology, the expansion process technology and the practical experience of the employees in the production and manufacturing. The manufacturers with the operating scale have excellent production line equipment and excellent production process flow, and management, production and manufacturing practical operation staff work Skilled and experienced. The partial wall rate of the heat shrinkable sleeve can be reasonably controlled.

    3. Look at the actual effect of closing

    After the heat-shrinkable sleeve is heated and folded, check whether the heat-shrinkable sleeve is evenly folded and whether there are unevenness, and see how much the length of the heat-shrinkable sleeve is reduced after it is shrunk, and then smell whether the heat-shrinkable sleeve is heated or not. The smell of choking the nose, these are all indicators to consider the quality of heat shrinkable sleeves.

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