How to Quickly Master the Dog Talk Button in a Week
  • Sometimes it's difficult to understand what a puppy wants, and at this point, buttons are needed to help them express their desires and emotions by speaking. It's actually very simple, and you can learn it in a week!

    Step 1

    First, learn to shake handsWhile shaking hands, place the button under the hand and slowly guide him to touch the button while shaking hands. No problem with not pressing the button, this step is mainly to familiarize him with the feeling of touching the button.

    Step 2

    Proficient in touching buttons. While placing your hand on the button, teach him to gently press it. After making a sound, the puppy will respond to the sound and immediately give a snack reward. This is where they remember the start of this button. Press the button repeatedly, and if the puppy is not willing to press down hard, gently press the puppy's paw until it makes a sound. Try a few more times and the puppy will understand.

    Step Three

    Press the button hard the day before reviewing. Today's puppy should be a little more proficient. At least you can put your paws on the button.

    Step 4

    You can add button commands now. The first instruction I taught Kion was' Snacks'. Many people say not to be the first to teach snacks, afraid that they will press the "pop snack" button later. However, in my family, I don't have a high desire to press the button, so I can only use food to lure them, otherwise I won't touch them at all. After learning the snack button, he didn't pop it either. After eating it a few times, he went to play on his own. If your little dog likes to press the button too much, the first command is recommended to "play", "touch", or "go out to play". These are all good choices.

    After reviewing for about a week, I added the other two buttons. Before adding a button, I would first execute the command while repeating it to deepen the puppy's impression of the command. For example, as soon as you press the "touch" button, you can say "touch the dog" while frantically touching the dog's head and belly. Now Kion is very proficient in these three buttons, and sometimes he can't play with him when he's busy with work. He even lies in front of the button and feels unhappy. FBelec is developing more buttons to help dogs master the buttons and better communicate with humans.


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