How to use heat shrink tube?
  • We all know that the most critical functions of PVC heat-shrinkable sleeves are insulation, sealing, and anti-corrosion. How to install such a high-temperature heat-shrinkable tube before it can be used? Will it be very risky if you are not careful? Ignite the lighter, insert the heat shrink tube into the flame, and shake the flame back and forth along the radial direction of the tube for about 2 or 3 seconds. If the PVC heat shrinkable sleeve is thick and long, it is necessary to consider extending the baking time as appropriate. There's really no way to do it, just try it, if you don't burn it.

  • Flame-retardant and energy-saving PE heat shrinkable sleeve has high-quality flame retardancy, dielectric strength, very soft and ductile, low folding temperature, fast folding, impact toughness, high temperature resistance, acid resistance, partial alkali energy, anti-aging and other levels to further improve. Usable temperature range: -55℃~125℃; start and end closing temperature is 70℃, and complete closing temperature is 120℃; easy to use, it can be closed by heating with drying box and hot air welding gun; it conforms to electrical safety standard: UL224VW-1C-ULCSAC22. 2OFTPE heat shrinkable tube is widely used as the insulation layer mark of terminal, wire and connector

    Generally, it is installed in the manufacturer. In the installation of equipment components in the distribution box, the PVC heat-shrinkable sleeve is placed on the copper bar in advance. After all components are installed and the screws are tightened, the heat shrink tube is installed. The pipe is scraped flat, placed in a moderate position, and the PVC heat-shrinkable sleeve is heat-shrinked on the busway with a warm-air electric heater. It is now suitable for the inductor manufacturing industry, and has the functions of replacing the external magnetic cover of the inductor, improving the inductor value, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). , acts as a magnetic shielding material. UL verifies that pe irradiation cross-linked PVC heat shrinkable sleeve has the advantages of heat resistance, high impact toughness, good acid resistance, etc. It is widely used in insulation layer materials of cables, connectors, transformers and inductors. Anti-corrosion coating for liquefied gas and chemical pipelines. Insulation layer, sealing effect. And the actual operation is convenient, and it can be well folded after heating at about 60°.

  • FBele has been focusing on high-quality heat-shrinkable tube customization manufacturers for 20 years. The main products are: high-temperature heat-shrinkable tube, double-wall heat-shrinkable tube, heat-shrinkable sleeve, zipper-type heat-shrinkable tube, and new energy heat-shrinkable tube. Various types of specifications are welcome. Come to customize and consult.




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