Piezo ultrasonic atomizers for medicaments

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    Piezo ultrasonic atomizers for medicaments

  • Piezoelectric ceramics , as the core component of sensors and transducers in ultrasonic technology, are widely used in various medical equipment, such as dialysis machines, infusion pumps, surgical cutting and drilling instruments, tooth washers, ultrasonic treatments (such as lithotripsy, atomization, emulsification, cleaning), etc. Ultrasound sensors for bubble detection in dialysis and other intravenous treatments, high-power ultrasound transducers for mechanical cell lysis and homogenization in molecular diagnosis or high-frequency ultrasound therapy, pump components, valves and seals for liquid delivery, ultrasound sensors for dental cleaning machines, and other applications including nebulizers, endoscopes, liquid level sensors, precision surgical knife ultrasound transducers (tissue suction and pulverization) The application of ultrasound sensors in imaging and fetal Doppler monitoring, and so on. Smaller medical devices mean that ultrasound sensors and transducers must be suitable for increasingly smaller spaces and complex geometric shapes. We ensure this through advanced computer numerical models to predict the performance of new designs. Importantly, as geometric shapes shrink, careful control of piezoelectric ceramic materials and manufacturing is essential. At FBelec, we strictly manage these processes internally and are one of the few in the world One of several companies with process control from internally manufactured initial piezoelectric ceramics to final sensor or transducer assembly.

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    On the front side of the piezo nebulizer , there is a front electrode, a protective layer, a liquid guide groove, and a central ultrasonic atomization area. On the back side of the piezoelectric ceramic, there is a back electrode, and the centers of the back electrode, front electrode, protective layer, and central atomization area are on the same vertical line. Multiple liquid guide grooves extend towards the center of the central atomization area and intersect with it. The piezoelectric ceramic atomization sheet flows external oil into the central atomization area through the liquid guide groove during operation, Then the central atomization area atomizes the oil adsorbed or flowing into its surface into the external space environment. Compared with existing technologies, it can effectively control the flow rate of external oil transferred to the ultrasonic atomizing transducers, prevent too much oil from flowing into the central atomization area, and fail to achieve a balanced atomization effect. It can also reduce the phenomenon of oil splashing outside the machine by the central atomization area, causing waste, and make the oil atomization more delicate and elegant, To achieve the goal of rapid aromatherapy.


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