The Principle and Product Application of Piezoelectric Ceramics
  • Piezoelectric ceramics are a type of information functional ceramic material that can convert mechanical and electrical energy into each other - piezoelectric effect. Piezoelectric ceramics not only have piezoelectric properties, but also have dielectric and elastic properties, and have been widely used in medical imaging, ultrasonic amplitude transformers, ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic motors, etc. Piezoelectric ceramics are made by utilizing their materials to cause relative displacement of internal positive and negative charge centers under mechanical stress, resulting in opposite sign bound charges on the surfaces of both ends of the material, known as piezoelectric effects. They have sensitive properties and are mainly used for manufacturing ultrasonic transducers, underwater acoustic transducers, electroacoustic transducers, ceramic filters, ceramic transformers, ceramic frequency discriminators, high-voltage generators, infrared detectors, etc Surface acoustic wave devices, electro-optic devices, ignition and detonation devices, and piezoelectric gyroscopes.

  • Piezoelectric ceramics are a type of electronic ceramic materials with piezoelectric properties. The main component of piezoelectric ceramic materials is grains with ferroelectricity. After polarization treatment with a strong DC electric field, the chaotic orientation of the original ferroelectric grains is optimized along the direction of the electric field. After polarization treatment, the piezoelectric ceramics retain a certain macroscopic residual polarization strength after the electric field is cancelled, Thus, it has certain piezoelectric properties.

    Generally speaking, piezoelectric properties refer to the property of being able to convert mechanical and electrical energy into each other. The positive piezoelectric effect is caused by the deformation of the medium caused by the action of force, which leads to surface electrification of the medium. On the contrary, if a certain excitation electric field is applied to the medium, it will cause mechanical deformation, known as the reverse piezoelectric effect. The piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics has been applied by scientists in various fields closely related to human life, to achieve functions such as energy conversion, sensing, driving, and frequency control. By utilizing the positive piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric lighters, bomb detonation devices, and other devices can be made. For example, common electronic lighters in daily life use the property of piezoelectric ceramics to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Moreover, due to the sensitive properties of piezoelectric ceramics, they can convert extremely weak mechanical vibrations into electrical signals and can be used in fields such as sonar, meteorological detection, remote environmental protection, etc. When piezoelectric ceramics are used to make piezoelectric seismometers, they can accurately measure the intensity of earthquakes and indicate the direction and distance of earthquakes. Piezoelectric ceramics not only have unique piezoelectric properties, but also exhibit advantages such as good frequency stability, high accuracy, high anti-interference, and wide applicable frequency range when applied in frequency control devices such as resonators and filters.

  • Piezoelectric ceramics have a wide range of applications, including ultrasonic transducers. Ultrasonic transducer is a device that utilizes the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics to convert input high-frequency electrical power into mechanical power (ultrasonic) and transmit mechanical power. Its core component is piezoelectric ceramics, which can adapt to different working forms and frequency requirements of different ultrasonic transducers by changing the shape and specifications of piezoelectric ceramics.

    What are the application fields of piezoelectric ceramics

    1. Electronic field: Piezoelectric ceramics can be used for piezoelectric transducers, piezoelectric sensors, piezoelectric ceramic filters, surface acoustic wave devices, etc.

    2. Mechanical field: Piezoelectric ceramics can be used for vibration sensors and displacement sensors


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