Three categories of D-sub connectors
  • D-sub connector, also known as D-sub miniature, is a commonly used electrical connector in computers. The D-sub connector has a parallel connector pin arrangement surrounded by a metal shield. The shielding end is relatively short, similar to the English letter D. D-sub connectors are also divided into different categories according to their different needs.

  • 1Micro-D connectors:

    Micro D-Sub connectors, also known as Micro-D connectors, are products designed specifically for rugged, durable, and high-performance interconnect applications, which are also very suitable for situations where space and weight must be kept to a minimum. In addition, Micro-D connectors can maintain integrity even in extreme vibration and impact environments, with a working temperature range of -55 ° C to 125 ° C.

    2Combination D-Sub connector:

    The combination type D-Sub connector combines multiple interconnect types into a fully shielded product, thereby reducing the required number of I/O interfaces and reducing the possibility of EMI/RFI leakage.

    3High density D-Sub connectors:

    The contact density of high-density D-Sub connectors is higher than that of standard D-sub connectors, which reduces their overall dimensions and is mainly designed for military and aerospace applications.

    TXGA is a leader among connector manufacturers, providing customers with connector products and technology oriented customized services with high-quality products, thoughtful services, and reasonable prices.

  • FBelec's compact and lightweight Micro D connectors are part of our high reliability connector series, favored by space agencies around the world, for high specification and demanding applications in satellites, launchers, telescopes, and other spacecraft.

    The Micro D connector complies with ESCC specifications and ESA standards.

    The compact and lightweight connector can prevent moisture, and will not deflate or demagnetize in harsh environments, with no defects.

    These connectors are manufactured using high-performance Micropin contact systems and offer a variety of different options, including cable terminations or detachable crimp type contacts, so that customers can configure their own wiring harnesses.

    These connectors come with a variety of accessories to choose from, including protective rear shells, screw locks, interface seals, and tools.


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