To Know more about Automotive Fuses
  • Where is the fuse located in the car?

    Due to the large number of electronic devices in cars and the fact that each electronic device is equipped with an independent fuse, in order to facilitate future replacement and maintenance, engineers will concentrate the fuse in one place when designing vehicles, which is called a fuse box.

    Generally, vehicles have two fuse boxes, one located inside the engine compartment, which is responsible for the normal operation of external electrical appliances such as the headlights, horns, driving computer, air conditioning compressor, glass water motor, and other circuits for safety protection; The other one is located on the left side of the steering wheel or inside the glove box, responsible for the normal operation of electrical appliances in the car, such as window lifting, cigarette lighter, electric seat, and airbags.

  • Generally, the fuse box in the engine compartment is located on the driver's side, and there are also some models with fuse boxes on the opposite side. However, fuse boxes are usually designed on both sides of the engine compartment for timely replacement.

  • How to clarify the electronic devices corresponding to fuses?

    It is simple to know the electronic devices corresponding to each fuse. Generally, the electronic devices responsible for each fuse are marked in the diagram inside the fuse box. Simply align the diagram with the fuse to find the corresponding position. Some car models may not have painted markings inside the fuse box, so we can refer to the vehicle manual for reference.

  • Although some imported car models have graphic markings inside the fuse box, all parts are represented in English abbreviations, which can be inconvenient for repair or replacement. The editor has listed some common English abbreviations corresponding to fuses, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

    English abbreviations and translations for corresponding components of fuses

    English name and Chinese name

    A/C COMP air conditioning compressor relay

    CCM IGN3 remote control door lock receiver and anti-theft module

    CORNR LTS combination switch/audio control

    FOG LAMP fog lights

    H/LAMP HILH left high beam headlight

    H/LAMP HIRH right high beam headlight

    H/LAMP LOLH left low beam light

    H/LAMP LORH right low beam headlight

    HDLTS headlight relay; Daily running light module

    HORN horn relay

    Hazard LTS Flasher

    IGN SW ignition switch

    I/P DIM LTS headlight switch

    METET LAMP instrument light

    MEM SEAT seat adjustment switch storage module

    MIR DEFG exterior rearview mirror defogger

    PWRLK door lock relay


    PWR MIR exterior rearview mirror

    RR DEFG rear defog relay

    Room LAMP reading light

    STOP LTS brake light switch

    TAIL LTS rear tail and license plate lights

    Turn Signal

    T/SIG parking/neutral position and reverse light switch

    WIPER wiper/washer switch

    How to replace a fuse by oneself


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